Donald Trump, President Trump, CIA discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe (audio) - MSNBC Morning Joe (audio) - 06-02-2017-070051


But you never ask why donald trump and all the president's men keep lining about rushie you can't blame this on fake news he can't blame this on the cia you can't blame this on the fbi it's very words they're the ones who were lying every day at what point do you wake up and get out of your your stupor and start asking if you're so concerned about the paris accords and america's sovereignty flint is start concern about the saw the united states when russia's now admitting they were trying to hack into our elections in your white house is lying about it every day gene full lies just keep your the blind they lied about this amazing air and so if you again and again and again about the same subject up the sea yes what i think going so here's the deal people i always talking about bill clinton clinton lied about everything against donald trump does to buy it was a scattershot and bill reinsch broke out of lied about the sun being out but here on russia the wall well trump lies about everything also though you can just keno on russia on this one topic the trump administration they all are lying people that are running our government have all live have all of russia and above the trump administration foreign policy is show we see scattershot buta we'd be there's no coherence to accept the very consistent with russia i mean cover the just get into office and the first this how can we get sergei kislyak is villas greg all me that we michael isikoff who has dutch immediately trying to figure out how do we lift sanctions right and that's what's highly problematic about these jared kushner disclosures because in this washington post story but what what would reading between the lines here both explanations aarp.

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