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And then I was doing the fucking burner and be real projects, right and stuff. So we all kind of had all this stuff going on it took away from what we were doing with with cypress hill. And eventual. You know, when once we got all this stuff underneath our feet, and we went back and started finishing out maybe about a year ago. And then after that it was just about mugs getting comfortable getting the mixes getting the arrangements to the way that he liked them. You know, because it is filthy grimy dirty fucking dark. Yeah. And you know, here's the thing. You know, our tradition in the studio was you do this shit. And then you leave it don't get married to it. Because whatever you heard that day is probably going to change, you know, several times, you know, before mugs decides what he likes on it. He may flip it to something totally different. And when you're married to it, you might get burned out when you hear like, oh, man. That's not what I flipped to that. This doesn't sound like I like the other one. And at that point. You're not letting the producer produce got you know, what I mean, you're being fucking premadonna. Right. And you know, we always were. Ones able to put our egos aside and trust and shit. You know what I mean? So whatever we laid their did. Sometimes it doesn't come back the same. And we know that. And when I heard the first run of the album like oh shit. Did you like it where you like what the file is like I heard the direction is going in. And you know, 'cause I didn't I didn't know what to expect, you know. And I was like this is going to be some real cypress hill shit like those temple boom fans that like the dark grimy shit. I was like this is right up there fucking out. It's fuck. It's definitely one of the darkest joints. And like that song band of gypsys like to me, you're so in the pocket as Cyprus like the way you guys come in. And even the way send comes in. I don't know what the musical terms. But he kind of like comes in on the beat wait for the beat the star. Bag..

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