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Was like fifty five yards past. Josh Gordon patriots in little razzle dazzle to and was a situation. Where all of a sudden Tom Brady's out in front. Goodness. It ended up to throw a block every time. I see him with those plays. I'm thinking. Oh, no. You're forty one years old. What are you doing? It's not quite winter. But dairy queen's blizzard of the month for November. We'll give you those vibes. My friends. It's the Orioles hot cocoa blizzard. And it's back in stores as of now decays website says the blizzard blends Oreo cookies with creamy, cocoa fudge and a rich whipped topping, man. Elite daily reports that it tastes like frozen hot chocolate and Twitter so excited about it to see this drink which debuted in October two thousand seventeen Twitter was exploding because it is back dairy. Queens Oreo hot cocoa blizzard unearthing some ancient history at the home of of all people, George Washington. Here's FOX's Karen McHugh. Dominic Anderson Jared Phillips a pair of. High school students from Akron, Ohio, dug up something really old and George Washington's backyard a seven by three inch axe head from the fourth millennium BC definitely not the same one used by young George to chop down that cherry tree. The students were part of an archaeological dig at the Virginia home of the father of our country. The two teams were helping to map out the dimensions of what's believed to have been a slave cemetery. When they made their discovery, the aesthetic fine, quote provides a window onto the lives of individuals who lived here nearly six thousand years ago say Sean Devlin curator of archaeological collections of mount Vernon. Historians say the area was used by Virginia Indians as much as eight thousand years ago. Karen, McHugh, Fox News says the time of the year now in baseball where they are announcing their awards, and they handed out the Gold Gloves for great fielders over the weekend. Mookie Betts is the Red Sox scored his third gold glove on. I was kinda surprised. Jackie Bradley, jR, won a gold glove that was his first ever. Really surprised me because you know, he's such a defensive jam and then Ian Kinzler who the Red Sox picked up at the trade deadline from the Anaheim angels of Los Angeles. He won his second gold glove. He's likely not come back though, because he's a free agent as you might recall, Meghan Markle's. Mom, Doria Ragland has been getting pretty friendly with the royals ever since since she attended Megan. And prince Harry's winning. She had a T with the in laws recently, celebrated Megan's charity cookbook launch. And now it looks like she's going to be having a very Royal Christmas as well. According to one source Queen Elizabeth the second yourself herself has invited Doria to stay at her country home in Norfolk to spend Christmas with the Royal family. She must have made a really really good impression. I guess down the queen's since even Kate Middleton hasn't been invited to stay at the estate. The queen's invitation would show respect an also acknowledged that. Megan unlike Kate as no other family in Britain with one source said so this also goes to prove how close Megan is reportedly gotten with the Queen. Ever since the wedding makes sense to that should have Ramam around as much as possible. Anyway, since she's got a little she's gonna bun in the oven. They're a Royal bun in the oven. It's six thirty NewsRadio nine twenty one zero four seven FM and from our traffic center.

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