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We're expecting some light snow tonight in the Metro area's area, courtesy of the latest Cold front that's moving in. Box, 31 meteorologist Brooks Garner says that'll add up to more in the mountains, conditions on rabbit ears pass and heading toward the tunnel. The Eisenhower are sewing, so watch out for snow packed roads above 10,000. Ft. Yeah, we've had reports this morning of a couple of inches of snow falling between Idaho Springs and Georgetown. This stele, though not expected to add up to much here in the Metro area. This week's inauguration of President elect Joe Biden will be unlike any other in history. The nation's capital is on alert. Some 15,000 National Guard troops deployed in the district ahead of Wednesday's inauguration. Across the country. State capitals are under heavy security and CNBC's Dan Shannon, D. C. Mayor, Muriel Bowser says D. C police are working with their law enforcement partners on the federal level, along with the Army to change plans if there are attacks in other parts of Washington. Hauser also brushed aside a question about how long the nation's capital will look like It does now, she said. The bigger question is how the country will address homegrown extremism. Ah, Sunday afternoon protests at the Colorado State capital didn't draw much of a crowd. Media members actually outnumber the protesters. There really wasn't much of anything happening in downtown Denver yesterday in what was anticipated to be a pretty large scale demonstrations on Lee, a handful of people showing up on the Capitol grounds. Some holding signs. Most showed up around noontime, but again, a major demonstration never materialized. In the end, there was only a handful of protesters on him, and they themselves say they were surprised that people didn't attend. But what's the security concerns? Still running high? Here are the city buildings closing this Wednesday and Thursday, the city and county building the volleys of Web building to make nickels, Billy The election division headquarters, Police headquarters, plus the downtown detention center and the Lizzy Flanigan Courthouse. Keep in mind. These buildings will also be operating on a modified schedule on Tuesday and Friday, operating only from eight in the morning until two in the afternoon. Fox 30 one's Jim, who is for care way. News Radio. Another Colorado man is facing charges after the violent protests that the U. S. Capitol building on January 6th. The FBI has filed court documents accusing 24 year old Robert Glass, wine of assault on a federal officer, destruction of federal property and other charges. Class wine lives in Woodland Park. He reportedly runs a paramilitary group called Woodland Wild Dogs. It was first identified by a patch for the group that was visible on his clothing and then his Colorado driver's license. I D and social media posts after Twitter blocked or permanently banned tens of thousands of users, including President Trump. Many Americans. They're questioning why a social media site is allowed to restrict user's freedom of speech between recipes and means, life updates and even.

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