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Information conditions equal housing lender license in all fifty states and MLS number thirty thirty with the Mayo Clinic radio health minute on jul St weight gain among women in their forties fifties and sixties is a common problem a recent Mayo Clinic study looked at the causes of abdominal obesity and the many health risks that it poses there are physiological changes so you know as we age we lose muscle mass also as your aging we're losing the main are the levels of the million hard one testosterone so our body is burning fewer cavities so the rules of the game change if you don't change anything you will gain weight because you have to take that extra step to be able to maintain your weight as you enter these midlife years and criminologist Dr ekta Kapoor explains what conditions midsection weight gain can lead to having high blood pressure which again women in the post menopausal years are more predisposed to having high blood sugar women before they hit menopause the risk of heart disease is pretty low and then it just skyrockets after menopause there is also a high risk for some cancers for more information talk with your healthcare provider or visit Mayo Clinic dot org as concerns about the corona virus persists APS ground game inside the outbreak has you covered our steps being taken there to reopen societally Ralph Russo in the eighties global team of journalists as they keep you up to date with the latest news on cove in nineteen the whole rollout will be times when red and green zones based on how much the virus has spread in your region listen and subscribe to ground game free on apple everyone join audio hello this is Joe Cordell and Cordell and Cordell I want to speak here to the dads who during this crisis are being denied access to their children or who are being excluded from key parenting decisions also want to speak to dad's though with support orders which they can no longer keep current in either of these scenarios doing nothing is probably not a good strategy yet hiring a lawyer right now is a difficult stretch so in an effort.

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