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It see the stress before it takes its prey yeah he says that and never stress that's probably something I said it took from him but I did and if you look good you play good and so for the game absolutely and so on me often this or dismissed the most important things in life because I wasn't mature enough to prioritize my responsibilities and as many moments of my kids live while trying to be the best football player I can be also wasn't as prepared as out the whole life after football this year's class included two players who were in their fifth year of eligibility and that includes Ty law who became the first inductee from New England stand out defense that won three super bowls in the early two thousands he was selected the five probable teams two time all pro finished with fifty three career interceptions that twice leading the NFL in that category had eight hundred tackles a hundred and sixty nine passes defensed five sacks and scored seven time I grew up in Aliquippa Pennsylvania twenty five minutes right outside of Pittsburgh population about nine thousand people and we produce athletes we produce hall of Famers Mike Ditka mom who Tony Dorsett as kids growing up without we lived compete everyday at something weather was playing cards football shooting dice running pole to pole competing that just be enough for him I'm told that level of competition was making me who I am I am so grateful for my beautiful mother I want everybody to know that I get my competitors my will to win from my mom I had to earn every wind I get it she told France with the best mom you always had my back even when I was long you had my back you are my role we had our personal struggles at times we've been we've never broke we came out on the other side my grandmother passed away when I was twelve years old she was a major out of our family it was a big blow to all of those when she passed but my grandfather who I like to call Pat everyone call Pat stepped up in a major way my grandfather believed in me so much he believes in me more than I believe in myself that's how I got here he took me to every single practice from the age of seven all the way through high school in until I went to college that's when I was on my own you.

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