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To first responders Our first responders are broken A lot of them are out here right now that we're in there So we're trying to make sure that we give them support gift cards We're trying to collect for them But there's so much more Much of the effort is about fundraising to help families cover things like funeral cost and other bills Scott Taylor is a co owner of sick pizza and Oxford He raised more than $80,000 doling out pizzas in exchange for donations When we originally started our goal was 25 grand we're hoping by Friday to have a $100,000 He grew up and went to high school and neighboring Lake Orion We've always been huge rivals and they're the wildcats and where the dragons and this week we're all wildcats It's very important to me for my own healing to do something Oxford high school senior chant and barner says he appreciates the resolve of everyone in the area working to ease the community's trauma He says that's what is most important now The positive aspects of it how we all pick ourselves back up and put the pieces back together I mean that's what's really spectacular about all this And an affirming way to try to overcome the pain that's racked this community over the past week Cheryl corley NPR news Oxford This is NPR news Support for NPR comes from WNYC members and from the kresge foundation expanding opportunities in America's cities through grant making and social investing More at kresge dot org And yarl and Pamela moan thanking the people who make public radio grade every day and also those who listen It's morning edition on WNYC at 5 43 a quick traffic note this morning collision on The Bronx river Parkway southbound by the cross Bronx expressway is blocking two lanes there The press has honeymoon period where President Biden is apparently over today on the Brian layer show Washington Post columnist Dana milbank breaks down his new column which found that recent media coverage of President Biden has been as negative or even more negative the media coverage of Donald Trump through most of 2020 And at 10 o'clock this morning Right now here's John schaefer with today's giggler Cuban percussionist and bandleader pedrito Martinez has lived here in New York since 1998 and during that time he's become the go to Congo player and percussionist for a range of musicians from.

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