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And interestingly the part of the brain that is involved in regulating emotions is actually the same part of the brain is necessary for um you know thinking ziba thoughts in in thinking about yourself thinking about all other people planning engulf setting it's that the prefrontal cortex on those of us it's the final frontal lobe the frog out of the brain to us out of the brain and this is where the braking system will stopping system is four emotions and and other things and unflinching what happens is right when a threat response kicks in and it actually pulls away resources from not just good thinking but also good breaking right so your ability to control emotions this is in a reduces really fast when those emotions kickin because while over fix on and if if you're gonna any if you're going to like dampen down emotions go to really really fast but that's not the central story but the you're going to give you the mechanism so what we being tall green light articles where election comes along i am particularly as guys and i don't know if were explicitly told is that it's kind of a cold shower you know just to suppress the emotion dark bela at her and there's a lot of studies now originally done by james gross can standard and in with one out be collaborators i'm kevin ochsner columbia and many other scientists now iraqi done some really creative and bassin experiments that's actually chest ism it turns out that win use of press in emotion on a number of things happened that up the very counterproductive firstly your you'll threat system actually gets worse or stays the same guts never goes out so that means you are even less resources are even fewer resources for good cognition and and everything else so so trying to suppress your motions leave them osama makes them was secondly your attention is so onto that process that you miss all these things around you at a time when they actually put a measure against that they said you know when you're trying to suppress an election is like watching television while important events are happening thomas on and you buy see watching television while they talk to you on the amount of internal attention that is required to not feel something is is that level of of distraction while in so you make cognitive erez you know you miss here.

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