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Nothing wrong I did nothing wrong John says he doesn't think any other president would have been able to deal with impeachment like he did we have a crash on the four oh five in this a boulder pass with this one is a long making your way along the northbound side just pass for bell centre watch for that left lane blocked and big delays are loading up out of Culver city from just about the ninety the southbound side of the four oh five so I don west LA for will sure you remain on the brakes and stretches all the way to Lakewood in Long Beach let's check out the drive in Fullerton we've got will pull strider KFI in the sky sponsored by injury attorney super woman super lawyer dot com southbound side of the fifty seven at Chapman a couple of cars on the right shoulder and a little fender Bender it is slow basically back from imperial highway northbound side already starting to load up from Brea canyon up through the merge with the sixty injured in an accident this is super woman super lawyer dot com will Kohlschreiber KFI in this guy you wouldn't know it if you're in the back up along the four oh five north found heading into Westminster but it looks like this crash is wrapping up north bound just past golden west where they've had the carpal enough lanes blocked the flow of traffic looks like it's starting to thin out still delay served up from Fairview KFI in the sky helps get you there faster I mean to Martinez sell your house or condo you wanted your real fast really easy col sellers advantage they'll buy your home as it is for cash really yes as it is beans no repairs needed you don't have to go through get all these contractors and subcontractors in bids in this I know no open houses either so there's no strangers tromping.

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