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That's what I feel like. What happened to me man? It came ear by ear. Knock out the door man. Oh Man Damn another one but it was good. I got three boys and three girls. Shout out to my babies man that keep me motivated. They keep me going and It's crazy man a Bali. My girls love wrestling lead. The girls like they can sit there and watch the whole thing when my my boys are Kinda Iffy but a shout all my babies I love them. Sounds like a reality show and get a reality show man. Hey you don't man. We might go number one in the country give you know. Give my family your camera around here. GRANDPA AH uncle fat to the you know the whole family's GonNa try to get in there man go You mentioned you mentioned the philly crowd. You're in the city because tomorrow night. Thursday night melrose ballroom The W two two thousand and one thousand nine Opera Cup starting at seven pm et tickets at m L. W. dot com we praise. MSW Up and down here on this show. Because I I'm I'm addicted. I mean it was for me. I started a new tradition because Thanksgiving hymn. O W was on Thanksgiving. Got See your match with Ross von Erich I didn't watch any football I watch 'EM L. W. But what's what's that like for you coming to New York this big this big event and you're to champ menaces Graham Amanda. It's been a lot of history. MARKLE Yoko of being here to have wrestlemainia. My father also being out here will piper in a snug at the same time for man just to come out here is is A. I don't know I feel like Deja Vu again you know. My mom was just pronouncing men. I remember he's take those flights out there with your dad you know and now you're going out there so It's it's good. It's good it's just trying to once again not trying to ride out the family name and trying to make my own path. I won't people remember me and respect me for my work as well but man I'm I'm I'm I'm not looking real man. It's always a real exciting to come over here to New York though because you know you get to see it in a lot of movies and stuff but A. Komo ws where it's at tomorrow You could see the whole Contra Unit I'm excited for this Opera Cup as well. You know to see what's going on but I'm I'm also excited to get the chance to work these Work the guys that were working owed them all strong heart. Yeah Yeah you know. I know they've been around for awhile. Cinnamon them in a you know. Just shut out Dan W for making it happen but also used to also get to be an arrogant Will you know my brothers Designing Gotcha coins actually heard in Joseph sign my house so Ready Man's ready focus is ready. Deteriorate should down man that's it I like it. I like what's What's going on with filthy? Tom Lawlor because he interfered in a match on on your behalf Katcher like Fuck von areas like. What's that all about? No surprise you to break that man's neck the way through their chair shot though at him. No Thanksgiving but I'M I. I don't know man. I think it all started maybe in war chamber. You know I mean We over watched a match and I've seen just seen the way. I'll Tom. Tom The look on his face after stuff like that they. I don't know man him. Thomas de la build it up build up in him but man you gotta remember one thing thing about filthy though you know. That's one bad cat though. Yeah you know that's one that's one man not to mess with though and I'm not sure what's on his mind no lately but I can't wait to see the mall. I know I know he's in town so I'm really excited to see you know what he got plan when he got length of them. If you think about another guy who's crossed over from mixed mixed martial arts to our world professional wrestling has done very very well for himself That is an intriguing match-up you versus him. That's Taylor you better watch out. Uh Yeah man we gotta gotTA GOTTA. I know. Last time we was here it was the rematch. Me and Tom. Right but I don't know I I WANNA see. Oh I definitely want to see where he was going. I thought he was going to come to concert until he said he looked at Man. Fuck concerts you know. I was Kinda confused there at the Eh for a minute but you know. It's just a lot of twists happening right now. A lot of crazy things. A lot of twists happening right now in Male W and speaking of that by the way thank you man for the power. Rankings Kinsman. I've seen that in Appreciate that I know a lot of fans like that so officially the first person who really likes your chills you I M J F number three at a guy just just absolutely destroyed me on social media Bully push back though I just. He's not here he didn't he was thesis. Your number six..

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