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I mean, it's is the tribunal becomes a little bit stranger. When you're when you get down to your teams like this. And so you have to pick somebody, and if you already have sort of land in mind with some of the other folks in the tribunal than why his off somebody you aren't actually planning on going against. I don't know. I could see I could see coming back on her. If she burns on the wrong people like she kind of move yori has it's it seems a little bit weak sauce. But I see where she's coming from Brian. What's your take on the burn vote at this age? Yeah. I think you have to be really careful when you think here was pretty safe lays because you know, that Wes and deer voting for bear. Then you just jump on board with that. And you're going to be fine getting getting him in. So you want have a worry about the procedure turning going in? But it this could really blow up in your face. If you don't securely have the numbers, there's not a clear target. But now that we're down. Seventeen. There's almost no deliberation anymore. Because almost anyone either you're in the tribunal or year nominated. So there's almost a voting almost dumb with betting on when you know, the game shakes a little bit. I can cut us e the logic where she they picked hundred Georgia, and in theory that would be a move where you wouldn't have too much blowback because you are so close with hunter that hopefully would understand within. There was a weird moment when they were in the areas that we thought alley. Where were he? She was like, oh, well, yeah. Like as things stand right now. I wouldn't actually you guys when it came down to it. And he's like, oh, that's very comforting. So I maybe that was just a little bit of red herring. But it seems like it should it should be safe enough for make that at the very least. The hearing was in the whole burn vote was like four play with ninety and hunter she's getting like saucy with him like as of now nothing worry about. But like, I'm not going to promise you anything. And then like push comes to shove. And she's like, well, I'm obviously not voting for hunter. Although she could've told turbo that I didn't understand that at all. And then Kyle and Matty enter I mean, this was sort of Wayne hearing because they basically, you know, sent their nominees out of the hearing as soon as they got in Kyle Mattie, come in. And I think there's a job he's appealing THEO. He's like, you know, I'm going to he's like trying to like pull on whatever UK ties, they might have. And then cars not here for it was the only one that thought that was was acting very strangely during the second. He he had this like bizarre ego thing going on that he has not had. I know it's wasn't. He can. That year, but he has not acted like that in any other tribunals. He's been a part of and I found really strange. I thought he seemed horrible miss trending on a West End. When he's I totally agree. He was acting so weird. And then when he just comes down to physically remove bear. Like, I think he ends up really embarrassing himself more than bear. Yeah. I mean, you kind of indicated this last week though, right? He said bears in his head. So maybe he just doesn't know what act his rational west south. And he's he's letting him get them. Yeah. I mean to you can't fight with fair because bears on a rational actor. So like nothing you do is going to make bear look bad in less. You just ignore him. And let him like jump on a table and then bear makes himself look stupid. But if you're going to go toe to toe with their you're going to end up like that like expression like in a mudfight. Everybody gets thirty whatever just to me west getting embarrassed face just made west look as bad as their. But devante or if you like as the unsung here of this episode..

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