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We are in. Sonny. money matters with generation of course I am your host generate this is the show where we talk about everything and anything in the world of personal finances and retirement planning and we try to have more fun than a human being should be allowed to have when talking about all of this boring financial stuff and this week we're going to have a great show lined up for you and I can't wait to get started but before we go one step further let me introduce myself I am ten more rate the host of money matters with kimarite. thank you Jack I have been a certified financial planner professional now for the last twenty eight marvelous wonderful and very exciting years and all of the ideas we talk about on the show these are the very same ideas we talk about with our beloved and most valued clients I am senior retirement planner at retirement planners of America and we are a firm that specializes in retirement planning so we work primarily with people who are over fifty who are retired or retiring soon and if that's you with this show is designed for you and the recently in their infinite wisdom of Barron's named a mosque your faithful host one of the top one hundred independent financial advisers for actually for the seventh year in a row. we love you babies. well I'm glad it's nice to be loved thank you so let me go over with you ladies and gentlemen what we're going to talk about on this our weekly excursion into the land of personal finances now. first of all I was interviewed last week by Karen Langley she's reported the Wall Street journal and she asked me a really interesting question that I thought would be a good. answer to give on on the show so she said okay so Saudi just got drone attacked we've got the your we've got brexit where it looks like it's falling apart or isn't we're finding out now the central bank in Europe is having to do more negative interest rates because their economies are slowing down we have all this stuff going on we have the federal reserve and everything and yet the market seem to be relatively calm. you know what's up with that why is the market so calm and so I will endeavor to answer that I'll give you the answer I gave her about that. souls games yes indeed so it see now I tell you what's in the Wall Street journal you don't even have to go read it now now also this week when I go over with you the five mistakes that mutual fund investors can make okay and we don't want you to make any mistakes in fact we believe that the way you succeed is by not making mistakes and so we're gonna go over all five of not a lot of other shows Jack as you know they might give you what two maybe three now we give you the full Monty ladies and gentlemen we give you five of them all five okay and also this week we're gonna continue interest our series of social security strategies were we answer questions regarding social security and of course if you ladies and gentlemen would like to have your question read over the air just email it to me it can at our P. O. a dot com canon are put on time and in fact that's our website also it's retirement plan as of America dot com but you can email me it can at our P. O. a dot com and you can send your questions and if they don't stop me I'll try to answer on the air but if I don't answer that I will use. it's too hard other when it bears myself on the radio I want to do that okay next I think we'll talk about this week is as you know as I mentioned we work primarily with the people who are retired or retiring soon and we believe that taking losses. is one of the most dangerous things that someone who's retired can experience and so what can cause you to experience losses well bear markets is one of the biggest things that can do that to you and so if you're invested in in the market so we want to we want to address that and we have I wrote a book called by hold and sell okay and in case you're wondering and in it I described the various myths that I think are associated with buy and hold which is the notion that you buy a diversified portfolio of quality investments and you re balance it and then your job done and you go to somewhere he said a hammock and you sent it to a new set of mint juleps okay and you're not well that's not the case and so by old myth number one in my view is the market always comes back so you don't have to worry about it just close your eyes don't don't think about it and it all take care of itself and everything will be fine so just by hold forever and I'm at the bank that one for you because I think that is one of the most dangerous mess of all of them and it's been sold to a lot of people it as if that I've seen so I want you not to fall for that one if I can help now you know what Jack most shows would stop right there most does say you know what if we did just that we've done more than our listening audience could possibly want from a financial show..

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