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So yeah. That's that's my Juno gets stories so that just tack rafting seems to be a theme of ours that were were running into all these people. That are pack rafting What kind of got you started down. That road Well I can't you know I grew up in Maine and New Hampshire so being around. Water was natural thing not so much Whitewater but we had lakes and ponds and the ocean And so that was kind of my youth. I guess I'd say and then I did a little bit of Kayaking Inc probably around two thousand or so maybe left. I moved here a and Add some shoulder dislocation issues so I decided that it seemed unpredictable and dropped out of the boating seen before I got into it And then a friend of Mine Lizzy scully. Who had just started working out PACA? It's like oh you gotta come try it and I was like all right all right. I'll crafting and sure enough. It was Super Fun and wasn't long before I was ordering my ipad craft and Planning Pack Rafting Adventures with friends and trying to like get to know some of the community After you know spending much of my life focused on climbing for twenty or so years I was certainly ready to have some influences and other ideas like climbing was starting to feel like Carnac going down to do the same thing. He can. A lot of work. Chaining the keep climbing a harder grade all the time or even the same heart grades. I I used to Crafting is opened up. This whole new world where I can go down rivers and even as I got back and forth Colorado I I've looked at the cliffs millions and millions of times now and now I can look at the rivers to look at you know the the rapids conditions and kind of a whole new thing to get excited about. Have you have you mixed climbing in? Pack Rafting. His pack rafting open up any climbing free. I actually have. I've mixed pack Hughes aircraft to get the ice climbs which is Kinda funny And that idea. I guess initially started on the trip. I did to Norway with Stephen Bear winger. I hadn't been there but he had been a few times and the of climbing there ready. And he's like yeah we're gonNA bring paths to you know. Go access these crimes across the fjords that you can't it. I'm like well that sounds interesting. You know getting getting an inflatable boat in the winter in northern Norway way about within the Arctic Circle with a bunch of sharp things like news like oh I forget. The climbers new some teams guy. Yeah he did it on like an S. U. P. and like cross. It can't be that bad and I'm like yeah. We're talking like winter. Water temperatures and stuff but okay. I'll go along with it and we did. We brought the pack up all around but then ended up using MS to Wendy to bring him out on the More recently like you know down the line after I bought my own and everything I bet like in Glenwood Canyon. You gotta like paddle across the Colorado River reach some climbs And things of that nature Yeah going out and cold water. Like a whole `nother level of danger but It also allows you to access things even like close to the road that most people can't get to so they're not going to be crowded or Hacked out we say So yeah I haven't met mixed it with rock climbing yet but I'm sure I will before long. Sure at least as access you start you know you put you wait. Say like you bring too much gear and you start limiting what you can do. Although the Grand Canyon impact crafts this winter and found you can actually put a lot weight in one of those both And they'll still perform well so we had to. We're almost self supported bike but just the crafts we had one big raft So boats were loaded to the hill and I could like not even really pick my not by myself so it's pretty heavy And you did the whole Grand Canyon. This winter then. Yeah Yeah Charlie. Yeah.

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