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And agnes right ignace and then you had. I was named arena. Right the the dragoon like we are. She like she should have been a playable character because she was bleeding. She's she's bad ass. And so that was the one thing that was missing from fifteen. Because I thought the story was great. I cried like a baby at the end it was like I thought the whole setup going at the end when you had the theme music playing a game when you going into the final battle like it was. It was awesome very well put together. That the world was great Maybe a little plane at times but I bet there was just enough to do where I kept myself busy but you know but I think playing a game on because even now like final fantasy fourteen when I play it on. Pc like being able to get two hundred playing even the new now. Oh my God like I have yet to get my hands on it but I've heard it's fantastic. It's on I was on it before the sale. Because that's how my life works but you know I think a lot of developers are seeing that so. I think you can Chris thing like you can buy a PC and you're probably going to spend more money on a what biannual or triannual basis on upgrading every year. But you're just going to get better performance. Yeh so I don't know what the PS five or the xbox XS Guy was. I was going to ask you to what your impressions on because I mean based on everything I've seen on paper. They're essentially a five hundred dollars. What I'm guessing is going to be a five hundred dollar. Pretty Powerful Reisen based system and their targeting four K. With a maximum one twenty not saying that every game is going to get four K. One twenty I mean if they can get a handful of games you know the real popular ones hitting four k. One hundred twenty. That's essentially computer. It's better than my computer. Currently it's playing skyrocketed like a really high end as opposed to playing like a PS four. And extra here's like I like consoles like I have my. I only reason why I bought a ps four was because I got the final fantasy. Fifteen collector's edition like that. That's why I got it and I and I got the remake on it like there's no other reason to own it but you know but I'll always buy that for xbox obviously halo is going to be on C. Now too but like I would I would buy it for Halo and you know also I think I what did I do? I do like assassins creed and the UBISOFT Games on xbox for some yeah last voces lasts only on. Ps four it's only NPR or his ing. Which which which I think is probably one of my top five games of like of all time if encompassing story the atmosphere everything that it was supposed to do with did and The mechanic is it was really really really well put together and you know again but but like PC comes into play type of game. Where like you know. It's kind of like playing tomb raider on a PC. It's like you get the quality in terms of the the the environments. But like it's not necessarily necessarily needed right. Yep like the last of us is like that but if you play like a game like sky rim or something like that like you know yeah you want that on like the ultra you wanted and the fact of the matter. Is You know game like skyrocketed modding enabled. It's allowed the game to stay alive for so long because your people have added the crap out of it and they've they brought a game When she cheese I I should know in two thousand ten was two thousand ten thirteen. I 'cause more than two thousand seven right. I should know absolved my head but I put many hours that game. But they've essentially allowed a game. You know with bonding to to look just as good now as it did you know comparatively for when it came out in the technology had now but you know the modding scene so high that you can make that game. Look like four K. models everything like that. It's it's crazy. I mean game lit up a lot of doors when it comes to two games on jeopardy and stuff like that does and the thing is too and it's actually kind of funny. Where like you know like there's nothing worse than like a steam sale? It's like everything. Every game they ever wanted is on sale. Like I think like every once in a while I'll tweet like this is your this is your quarterly reminder that sleeping dogs three dollars by Alexander like sleeping dogs for like a derivative grand theft auto meets Shenmu awesome. Gay really good really did well. My friends told me I should check it out by our. It's really really good. And and a game like quantum break which I think was a little bit before it signed because like obviously quantum break awesome. Yeah it was it still like and that was on sale for like ten bucks. I'm like aw man like that's a you know. And that's the game that I played in xbox. I'm like you know what I really want to check this out on the 'cause like ten bucks so I i. It's funny because I got to. Here's the thing is I got the end but that's when it started playing PC games. I can't aim what the controller anymore. I need the keyboard and mouse. I mean that's like we made the jump to probably four years ago at this point when pudgy before pudgy but like Pudgy was a big big driver for me to get get into PC gaming before that it was all all console. And I you know. I played all the duties on council. I can't for the life of me. I console playing. Cod blows my mind. The most embarrassing thing that I've I've done one was trying to shoot a basketball twenty years after playing high school basketball. You wouldn't know what to do and it was so sad. Where like that mean that goes around these high school kids shooting baskets and like not like fifteen seconds like a couldn't hit the rim. I wouldn't even know how to judge me trying to aim on a controller. Right now rock just like. I can't do it because I never. I never completed grand theft auto on PS four. But then trying to aim and shoot and everything else and then I get used the left bumper to like switch here but that's not the same and it's like I I need to get this on the PC. So I yeah. I can't aim on a controller anymore. I can't do the point and you know that's we which is actually a really good debate because I think both sides making argument between like duty. Pc colony console right. Yeah it's like it's like the I mean that's probably not the same thing I think the aluminum bat and the wooden bat. Yeah I guess because I I was going to say something about to competitively. Because there's you know the the Amos's such a hot topic like from a competitive side of things because everyone's yelling about it in fort night and then even like the most recent war zone Wednesday a lot of the top teams remaining towards tournament. We're all their controller players. Not Saying that. They were playing on console. But they're all you know whether it's controller and or they're actually playing on console but they're they're all using controller which is interesting. I just I look at it as a as as a hurdle I feel like that they. I don't know about a hurdle but adversity to the competitive environment because you know aim assist is obviously prevalent in a lot of games. There is the youtube clip of the of the of the the CS go player from India. For optic got torn on rip off stage for using an aim. Bought 'EM ASSIST PLAY. Right but why is that not allowed but it? Amos's allowed in controllers so it's again like I get it again. I'm over the market is going. I think. Part of the issue with the call of Duty League is the fact that it's not on computer. I mean I that's not this I I'm sure like I'm sure like all them could could very easily pick up. A you know a mouse and the keyboard do really well. They could probably be on a controller right. Can you imagine him nature play? You Know Stream. They they do beat most of the people they play against anyways so says name. What like I guess thing like like I think there should be that option but but I think that you should take off the the you know the The -must because I think that again it assists with with the aim right. It's like you can't cork the bat. You know I don't know like you can't curve you stick you know. Basically it's like allowing like like you can curve a like in curve a wooden stick but you can't curve a Without you can curb the wooden sticks because they're heavier but you're not allowed to occur curve the composite X. because they're lighter. Yeah it's it's it's like it should be straight across the board But again like thing like aiming on on a controller. I WANNA say either control. It was much more difficult. I I just think it is so it. Probably have the Amos's because it probably is literally impossible for like the normal game on Azure. It's but you know. I don't think it's the master race but I think that in terms of like money and advertisements and stuff like that. Where like you know you want to have a pc and stuff like that. But that's just me I mean I you know I again like if they move over to the NBA Two K. League. I think is on. Pc technically but you can use the controller. I could be. Yeah I think I think so. Yeah so you can still have the controller over to. Pc that's moving to pc but you know it's a it's a man or is it going to be like one team was allowed to keyboard player keyboard and keyboard it. So it's IT'S A it's A. It's a very good debate you know if I wanted to. It's probably one of the better debates in sports right now. Which is you know. I think that PC is better. It has better performance and stuff like that an estimated especially now than some some of the more popular games are now coming over to PC. I think it's kind kinda solidifying it. Yup Oh You know so. That's where it is but Bentayga it's so hard at Avon on controller. I do it. I can't even on keyboard mostly remind no I I. Yeah I drive a war zone every now and then because like during during the week with the whole quarantine you know. My my girlfriend uses my desk so I can't play my computer so I'll drop in on on my xbox and my buddies and I look like a child learning how to swim. I'm just like I can't look at the same time I used to be so fluent at it and said you this before I used to think I was a pretty good player like I played a lot of overwatch. I played a lot of call duty when we played Kaduna Council. I was always in the top of the team. As far as kills you know in public matches and stuff like that and I. I can't even fathom playing that right now on the controller. I just lose it so quickly. I never thought either buddy. I played a lot lately. I tried for the first time on council ick couple months ago and I just felt like an absolute new can do anything I can never do. I will say the lately I. I've been plugging my control or into a PC and playing on my pc trial to Amos's because it is pretty strong and caught right now so it it's definitely there and that thing is like you can still use it use a controller on. Pc like you know the the you know. The xbox one controllers are optimized for or if I have the do gore steam controller is okay but you can use xbox controller even a PS four controller. Watch Nick Merck's he does things on controller that I can't even do. It mustn't keyboard it's didn't didn't the DACA disrespect too extreme on controller. He played blackout a lot on controller. Actually two also doing modern warfare or a few times on the controller is his background console. Right when he played like cotton and stuff like that so he has he has. Yeah yeah he was a level designer too. But yeah it's it's Yeah. It's pretty crazy watching some of the high level controller players just roast people because I I can't even do it on mouse and keyboard and I know for a fact that mouse and keyboard is superior so all the props to them for doing it. Yeah IT'S A. I think consoles are going to die because I think John this multi multi multi media computers and stuff. I mean they're integrating everything so like Microsoft is into integrating everything so nicely into the xbox that you can do everything all off the xbox you know you don't get like the sweet overlays necessarily but I mean if you WanNa just start out streaming in an xbox great way to do it because everything's built right in.

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