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Pat powered by everyone rwandan thank you for tuning into a very special one hundred ninety third episode of awards chatter hollywood reporter's awards podcast i'm host scott feinberg and my guest today may well be the greatest screen actress of her generation over the last twenty three years this beautiful brit has starred in fifty films and gave great performances in many of them including 1994 is heavily creatures 1995 sense and sensibility 1990 six as hamlet 1997 titanic 2000s quills two thousand one's iris two thousand four's eternal sunshine of the spotless mine and finding neverland two thousand six is little children two thousand eight the reader an revolutionary road two thousand eleven carnage two thousand thirteen labor day two thousand fifteen steve jobs and most recently in the two thousand seventeen woody allen drama de wonder will only four women in history meryl streep katherine hepburn bette davis and geraldine page have accumulated more acting oscar nominations than her seven one of which resulted in a win for the reader she also possesses four golden globes three sag awards one emmy and one grammy as well as the hearts of a generation of people like me who fell in love with her through the biggest movie of our lifetime titanic twenty years ago i'm talking of course about kate the great otherwise known as kate winslet but first i was joined in the glass l park section of los angeles by one of the world's leading experts on film exhibition among other filmrelated areas doctor ross melnik and associate professor of film and media studies at uc santa barbara melnik who got his be a brandeis university and both his man phd at ucla is the founder of the website cinema treasures and the author of two thousand four's cinema treasures a new look at classic movie theaters and two thousand fourteen american showman samuel roxie rather fell and the birth of the entertainment industry nineteen away to nineteen 35 his next book screening the world hollywood's global exhibition empires is being part.

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