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Our best slot receiver obviously christian kirk is that guy great route runner good hands explosive guy i mean there's no julio's randy mosses in this raft but i mean as a guy that christian kirk that can talked about him already before and segment he's he's pretty he's pretty darn good out of texas tech other guys tj more anthony miller dj maryland can be guy who could challenge to be a top receiver who could be taken i mean he's a guy who's who's definitely explosive in out of out of that flower you wanna guy separate and matches up well against those second the slot corners or whatever safeties and it come down and pick him up in whatever difference a package could be who could a sports and some defensive mishaps all right i mean that's that's i mean that's all he's got i got more of course we got fifteen more minutes for you obviously as we're coming to the end of the third segment here on the football podcast the calls football addition cannot wait till tomorrow the draft is gonna be so good it's going to be such a fun fun time only round one tomorrow as we do it it's all about the show i mean this back in the seventies eighties for those obviously wasn't around but i know that i've been told that this draft used to be a conference call there wasn't all televised it was just a conference call i mean you hear about your player my dad told me that when the niners drafted jerry rice that they heard about on the radio the radio hosts like oh we just got a report from the niners saying they picked to guy from jerry rice went to some.

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