Dave Hunter, Peoria, Brighton discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


West Virginia. No Caroni ALS. Yeah, that surprises me. Is that your own word? I kind of like that. Yeah, I drive Caronia, but I guess he took social distancing serious right? Because we were stuck in the houses together, but we didn't want to do anything. We're in there. You're not getting inside that six people. We just got the delivered alcohol. That's what we know That's that's definitely work. You would think that would help the other. You would apparently did not 8 30. Seven on Colorado's morning news. Let's head back outside and see how things are going right now in your commute, with Dave Hunter getting better. For the most part, the only problem area remains despite the fact they reopened westbound. I 70 at Colorado Boulevard a long time ago that stacked and packed all the way all the way to Peoria. My goodness and a lot of folks that chose to bail through Commerce City. Has made westbound to 70 especially heavy from I 70 almost up to York Eastbound side is loaded up big time to from 25 out past your coming in from Brighton. I 76 westbound Still very heavy from 88 ab all the way down to the to 17 25 interchange. Their biggest working thing right now, well just cleared but you wouldn't think so. Based on these backups. Cleared the accident or accidents. Plural South Down 25 Approaching a ramp. Oh wrote for the longest time they had a couple of lanes tied up. Your backups are all the way to Evans at this point from the bed. Fred Sports Traffic Car one of our newer accidents off Highway north beyond Quebec at Alameda. This report sponsored by Panera, where dinner is hot and ready to serve, grabbed the creamy Mac and cheese and a Red Bull. The classic bacon turkey. Bravo sandwich or Try the new.

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