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He was actually he wanted to do that today. I don't know why I felt bad for a second until he was really, no, no, no, no. He wants to do that. We've got a long list of mistakes at the Super Bowl by paulie. He said to clay Matthews. I'm gonna block you and clay Matthews. Hit him in the chest. It gave him that stab. Oh, yeah. You tried to tackle Adrian Peterson and Matt forte. They smacked him in the head. I'm impressed. Yeah. Never smart. Sees get degrees. This is what I know. I'm gonna shave them actually, really. Yeah. You aren't good? No. It's not. No. It's not the gym. All right. So final fifteen for the whole thing. Yup. Now, I do wanna point this out only because people think that we known each other forever. I'd never I don't think I have made before until recently. And I just said look, I know what I saw when I saw you play. And I thought you were there was something different. There was athletic system. You're a great player. Now, the window that you played is probably what if it does keep you out of the hall of fame would be the long, you know, the amount of time you thrive, but when you played when you played it at a high level of near healthy. There was no other tackle that. I saw that was better than you. And I'm talking about Anthony moon news. I'm talking about the greats of the game. So I don't I don't know you. But I know when I see a hall of Famer, and I look at you the way I do Terrell Davis. Now, he wants Super Bowls and want an MVP rush for two thousand yards. But. There's no real number. I can attach to a tackle to say. Well, but he did this. And I hope you get into the hall of fame. I hope you get the call, and they tell you on Saturday that you're in the hall of fame. Well, I appreciate it. I mean, it's the it's one of those things that you're not playing anymore. There's nothing I can do about it. But it's the ultimate individual honor. And my career is what it was. I got hurt much like throw Davis. Did I think when he got in that mental lot? Now, I'm that how long before you mentioned me in your hall of fame speech like how because I usually show up a little later probably. And I think how long do I have. I mean, they say too long. I'm not going to be like the forty five minute where you go on your whole life story. So let's go fifteen minutes. Then when do I get mentioned eleven and a half to twelve I like it where it's emotional, emotional tears. Now, you cry mentioning me or your family? Well, I think it's a carry over from my mom and dad to wife and kids, then you the tears are continuing. Guitar time. And if you just say, Dan, we did it like then I'm fine with that too. Like, it doesn't have to be a big day. Dan, Patrick, it's how about some like damn without you. I'm not sure this day is real. Yeah. I work on that. I'm not I'm not joking. I like I'd expect like a damn showdown. Well, the good news is there's a local guy in Dan as well. Who asked me the same thing. So I think I can kill two birds with one stone just say, Dan in both of you will think that okay, that's part of the deal. I'm fine with that. Tony is the lead analyst for Thursday night football, unless would one and you're going to be on the sidelines for the Super Bowl. Yes. Are you nervous? No, okay. Not yet. I've never Saturday. That's the only thing. I'm never okay. And explain this to the audience. This is I I think it's unfair to you. I really do know I do for the fifteen finalists. Yeah. 'cause you're all in a room. No. So actually, we're all at hotel they fly everybody, and I'm here all week because of the radio with Westwood One. But everyone else in your Thursday, you do an event Thursday night. There's a luncheon Friday.

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