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Kyle. The Coin Guy is sitting lunchboxes chair today. And how long have you been running your Gold Coin Business So we've been in business in Nashville for four years. You make a lot of money doing that I I a lot of money passes through doing that. FOR SURE. Like how long does it take? It'd be start a new business. You know it takes years to actually make some money like at four years in like are you able to provide so we're profitable. Yeah yes he is it. Abuna Buddy have a partnership away so I have a CO owner Tony Davis of Atlanta Golden Coin buyers and we saw the need in Nashville and took that plunge about four years ago. I name you're going to double date. Is that true? Hopefully a triple eight triple because we yeah hopefully a triple. Because that's how we know each other up telling about you coming in yesterday. She was like gold on a calendar. Okay yeah we have a mutual friend. Jeremy Yeah so I'm excited and we're going to go do we know you. Do we want to publicize that in for dinner is dinner? I don't know the details worked out but yes we're going to go to dinner. I guess it'll be our Jeremy and spouses. Amy Becomes friends with everybody Apparently she really is the nicest Jeremy and I go way back to my grandma days because before I got into radio I worked at GM and sold granite and so did Jeremy. Well he managed Nashville. Do you have a bunch of coins in a bag? That from Raimondo. I do have A bunch of coins in a bag from Raymond. Do and what you want from him with this. Just see how much they were worth? I was going to take him in. I've just been kind of dragging my feet on my mom's Dad. He used to work at Strip clubs bars so he was always given these dollars. Cent pieces and I've saved him. Ever since I was a kid I thought why not cash on now and you look at their bag during the break I did and designing by hand sanitizer. Yeah what you think of that bag. Well actually so it it pretty much represents a lot of what we see so What came in there? Were a lot of half dollars and Luckily for Raymundo there were A lot of them that were before nineteen seventy And even nineteen sixty four. Hold on yet. Also there was a Morgan Silver Dollar Which is probably the most popular In symbolic of the American silver dollars. So That's a really cool coin. So All in Raimondo. You got about one hundred and fourteen dollars worth of coins. And she just had soon around dude and they were. I mean probably total just reach dollar face value. I mean that's easily ten times what they had in the bag. That's crazy so would you give them a one hundred and fourteen dollars for the bag. I would absolutely raise that deal absolutely. You got yourself a deal okay. Taking care of business. What Eddie gives you to appraise? So Eddie gave me this A little boxer containing What he believes is part of an asteroid correct an asteroid yes Yeah so when I was a camera guy in the news I've got video of a fireball in the sky and the Austin Astronomical Society said because of your video we got to find the asteroid. They've found like pieces of like size of trucks that they gave me these two little pieces as a gift. A token of appreciation. I've had him for years. I'm like maybe this is millions of dollars right here. Okay what did you think kyle? Well you know I'm not a rock guy It looks more like asphalt to me. You imagine you give him for his asphalt. I tell you what I'm GonNa let him hang onto it unless the Buffalo Network. They told me asteroid and it was really asked. All maybe just maybe just up listening it asks. Cnn asks meteor meteor same thing space debris yeah Well Kyle the coin guys here. Do you have a to go that you would like to do this morning? I do We will play this out. Work Raimondo headed clip. And I'll throw it over to you and then you hit us with your tell me something. Good story great. Are you ready here we go? It's time for the good news over filling in for lunch. Fox Is Kyle the coin guy. Colin yes sir so Tell me something. Good today So we have a friend who had a daughter was born with a speech processing disability and so when she got elementary school and Middle School. You know this created all sorts of problems for her right so everything from learning to your social development to your friendships is is effected when when you don't process your speech and So the family did something very unique so they chose Instead of just figuring out how to deal with this they figured out a way to really embrace it and so they started what was a summer camp in their backyard wonderfully made where they brought in girls who in and through each one of them brought out their unique gifts and talents and what made them unique and teach them to embrace that and to give them confidence and And to really help them put their mark on their world and overcome their disability. Wow and so What's really incredible about that Is that they have just celebrated ten years. Wow OVER ONE. Thousand Girls have come through that program and they Again it started as a summer camp that they hosted in their backyard and his now Actually an offsite after school program. That's Associated Press in Taylor Ministries But the whole idea is that we are each fearfully and wonderfully made and They want to help girls of all ages understand that they are unique unique purposes and that they can embrace and serve others using their God giving gifts no matter what those may be so Really Cool it's wonderfully made ministry for Girls and We're really proud to see what they've done. Ask How do you judge someone not by what they say by what they do? We're a nation of doers. What's Mike Bloomberg about doing things? A middle class kid worked his way through college. Ben Entrepreneur Bloomberg built a global news and information business from scratch. Mayor of Diverse Progressive City Might Bloomberg rebuilt after nine eleven creating nearly five hundred thousand jobs improving healthcare and public schools. Now he's running for president and Mike's Change. We need from chaos to steady leadership from lies to someone who believes in facts and data from divisiveness to someone who builds teams nurtures good ideas and hold himself accountable for results. Mike Bloomberg knows how to leave to build to deliver to do. He'll wind unite. This country might will get things done. I'm Mike Bloomberg candidate for president. And I approve this message because we need to deliver on the promise of the American Dream. Paid for by Mike Bloomberg Twenty Twenty call. The Coin Guy is in for lunch today. And Amy actually gave collaring to appraise during the break. Everybody's just giving himself now name is like how much is rain. Pinky ring that I wear and you told her if pure upon us she'd get probably about ninety bucks way more than that. Amy Goes no not wanting nobody wants to do it. You gave it to us. You said actually quote you can keep your money offering her anything but I wouldn't punt anyways but Israel volt you say I believe it is i. I did not have a full blown testing equipment with me trial. How long ago did you decide? You wanted to do golden coins and all that kind of appraising for Your Life Well actually I never considered it as a profession until about five years ago. And how do you start considering this profession like what happened in your life? That inspired you to do this Yes I've always appreciated precious metals. And you know The owning a little piece of silver or gold is a cool thing to own right and So as started investing in that You know had a chance to see a lot of different businesses and When I saw a model that I really liked that. Look like it was You know smart And Lean Approach zone or about Possibly partnering in Nashville and and that's how we got here. What did you do before you were in the Golden Coin Business Well I am a contractor And build houses. And that's what got me to this point face building houses. Dang how much one costs when you build it. There's an to that. Yeah so you were talking about a kid for somebody who saw something shiny.

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