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I'm not telling them the bat left handed. I'm saying I bet left. They're not gonna get Are you lefty know that left here Not going to get better if you're going Lefty against them is our your dominant hand. Right handed? Yes. So you go up there and you make them learn and use their mind. Wiffle ball. What do you think He's throwing? They're not throwing curve balls. You know what? You figure it out. You get out there and you figure out how to do it. Can I tell you something? It's interesting. You brought this up because My son Alex, who's on a travel soccer team was winding the other day about one of his coaches. There's frequently scrimmage at the end of practice, one of the coaches Plays and he goes all out of Boorman. No, let up like the kids are trying to take the ball from him and he's you know, he's be played at a fairly competitive level. He's dribbling around them. He's sending the and you know why, but that's in practice, and he's their coach. I kind of understand that, but in a whiffle ball game in the backyard, you bet, Right? What? One of the sticks? Yes. One of the stakes here. Do you want your son to get better? Or do you want him to be satisfied with mediocrity? When my name my son? What if it's like the neighborhood kids and I all of a sudden, I just step up, you know? I'm gonna bat left handed. I'm sorry. I'm not. I mean, bad right handed. That's absurd. You're crazy. I used when we are you home ring when you when you when you're like this, So what does it matter if you had a homer, Lefty or righty be easier to do it right handed, But I'm I'm not saying I'm going up there trying to ground out, but I'm still trying to help them run. But at least I'm doing it left handed, for crying out loud. I mean, I am going up there. That was the rule. I am. So I'm swinging from the heels. What? Right hand What's the rule in the neighborhood? Wiffle ball game when the kids were playing and you come to the dish, Do you bat right here Love the You know, do you bat with from the off side? I'll say in case you're left handed hitter. Do you bet Right? You go stranger. When you're applying. There you go. Stranger. That's a good way to put it. Gyms in the city. What's up, Jim? Taken my call. Sure. I got a couple of things I'd like to talk about. If you don't mind. First and foremost, I actually went to the Cubs game yesterday. I'm actually not a cop stand at all. I'm think I went to watch the team that's gonna Maybe the 500 sweet, my beloved Mets. I'm disgruntled about a couple things. I'm gonna be honest with you. First thing is, I think I'm seeing the reemergence of Bobby Bania with this window or This guy's not even gonna bad his weight at the end of the year. The way he's playing, Jim, I love that. You think you're calling the fan right now, But go ahead and continue. I love it when you go anybody good. I think what he did being up 10 runs was disrespectful. He did it for no reason. He does the show off. Because the only person that did it the right way was Michael Jordan when he paid respect. When I saw him do that I had to turn the game off and it dropped. It comes down to another level. All right, All right, Jimmy. I mean, you're that's from a method and and boil indoor is off to a dreadful start. I will say this good news for you, Jimmy. Off. Bobby Bania will still be getting paid it longer than Francisco. Indoor your life What is that day July, 2035 only is on the way. There's a day in July, though, right where they have to send him that check. It's about Bobby. But in the days of July 1st maybe it's like yeah, like July 1st or July 4th. There's How do we not have a committee is also five minutes. It's not independent. July 1st. You're right. Look who's on the line. Jonathan Brush Stop! Big time. Big time. The brother Of Ben Brust, former Wisconsin basket. I've always said Jonathan's My favorite crust. Yeah, well, my too. I mean, that's obvious. Jonathan. What's up, buddy? Hey, dude, I know I usually call in the ESPN, Wisconsin. You know, it's become a brand. I got to support my brother Big Carm, You need to bat right handed. There is no mercy father of six kids. My kids never wanted anything. I want them to earn it. Yes, give it to him, and I beat the kids in basketball. I do do that. Well here. Here's the thing. Jonathan understands to write that at some point, they're going to be able to beat you. And you know what? They're probably not going to show you a whole lot of mercy, old man. Actually when they can be two cards. That's when you don't play him anymore. Yes, alright. When Ben was 13 Wouldn't How? How old are you, Jonathan? I'm gonna play basketball anymore. Quit playing my brother Jonathan. Once they're good enough, and then you got that level that you're always the best of their minds. There you go. Yes. How old were you? When Ben was 13? With them is 13. I was 22. There you go. I know Make fun of no, no, but it's a different level. Absolutely better Teach you is a 13 year old and you were 22. Yeah, well, that's what happens when you and then you know what happens if you go on to play big 10 basketball? I guess so. Yeah, it's not like he was getting schooled by somebody who was playing with a body so good and 13 tell you You guys have a great day. And your brother, Mr Terry Hanley and Cantonese. Let's give Mr Terry, Hand me a call. Send him our best. All right. CIA. Jonathan Terry handling the brothers..

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