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Oh my gosh i can bulk order like me being stupid. It was like what does that mean to you. Like i can see all the projects going on at one time right now. We're ordering one project at a time and that's redone at work right there. It's not just redone work. It's when boko to save money on buying more things one time right but it's also done when the fact that you're you're you're you're an. Yeah the amazon cleaning but like you're carrying in your your bidding out that like the whole process itself saves money but not just just just visibility of all your projects going on at one time. Because they're not in one spreadsheet at a time you can see everything going on if you need to. There's a lot of ways you can look at it. It's like oh my gosh. I can bulk order. And you know when you're losing jobs or you winning jobs these one hundred million dollars you know jobs by five thousand dollars. You factor in bordering. Just one jobs. So it's like that light bulb that went off and i was like. Oh my gosh good for like. I'm so identifying things like that where people will have this home of value that we're creating for them. It's like okay. This is accessible. You know you're on the right path. Some cases you you go through a handful of means you're like hannah. Are we doing this right like i. We were doing something cooling. She wore like this is not needed. I've never had this issue spreadsheets. Were great for this workflow. I think that you're doing something wrong. Do you feel that. That's one of those old school mentality is like not champion doing this for twenty years. It's an old school mentality but old school mentality is get adopted by younger people still right because you have businessmen tourist businessmen tourists. How you that's how you're taught something so you know what i found is it's a it's a personality trick. People are open in want to learn new things just like you like learning new things people that really want to see what's out there and you get and i think that You tracked people like that. And in so i think it's a really cool thing what you're doing because it's a really honestly feeds into what i'm doing because it's like it's a. It's a little bit of an identifier for me to say okay. These people are willing to understand and look at what they're doing from a process the umbrella and you know whether it's general procurement or whether it's a whole casa meeting rather what it doesn't matter like i can i.

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