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It's unclear what sparked the shooting, but a guard at a Washington DC, FOX affiliate W T T G shot and wounded a man who is trying to enter the building police haven't said of the wounded man had a weapon or why he tried to get in rescue crews seen taking the injured man to the hospital who appeared to be alert moving his hands and talking with paramedics January sentencing date has been set for a former Hanover schoolteacher who pleaded. Guilty today in federal court to being part of a hacking scheme that included celebrities as well as former students and fellow teachers thirty one year old Christopher Brennan was a special Ed teacher at Lee Davis high school five years ago fed say he was one of five minute involved in the so-called celeb- gate case. His plea deal calls for recommended sentence of nearly three years in federal prison. But the judge stressed he's not bound by Henrico school leaders say there will be consequences. Falling large fight that broke out after the game between Hermitage and Freeman high. School's more W Rb as a C Stokes. The final score was thirty seven two zero with Hermitage taking the major loss after the game. The player shook hands then out of nowhere. A fight. The less of several minutes broke out between the players on both sides leaving one member injured on players from both teams fell on him principles from both schools released. A joint statement saying it was not Representative of the athletic, cried and traditions of our two schools and. We expect better police say the are currently investigating if they will press charges AC Stokes, NewsRadio WR VA as a migrant caravan continues northward marched through Mexico. President Trump is warning he'll end or reduce aid to three Central American countries that he says we're unable to stop migrants from leaving of everybody.

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