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Once an audit of his returns is over. That's Mark Mayfield reporting. The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee says they will start the process to confirm Supreme Court nominee Amy Cockney buried on October 12 Lindsey Graham told Fox News it will take three days. But then he expects the committee will approve her nomination and send it to the full Senate. October 22nd. President Trump nominated Barrett to fill the vacant seat of Ruth Bader Ginsberg and wants her confirmed before the election. Thea only Lakers are headed to the N B A Finals after dominating performance from LeBron James Stern reports after a 10 year hiatus. The Los Angeles Lakers for back in the N B a finals LeBron James scores 36 We have 16 rebounds. 1 17 107 win over the Denver Nuggets in Game five. Cardboard fans just won't cut it, says LeBron. One thing I can say I wish we was a staple center tonight. What are fans are Laker faithful Because this is they deserve this just as much as we do because they went through the last So many years of not being a postseason run, we'll face Miami or Boston in the finals, but heat lead the Celtics three games to Z with Game six tonight. It's Joel Stern reporting. Christopher Nolan's thriller Tenant for five weeks. Top of the box office earning $283 million worldwide, listening to the latest from NBC News radio. Joan Esposito Live local and progressive on 8:20 A.m.. W. CPT Willow Springs is powered by comment. Discover rooftop solar options that comment dot com slash solar. Pelosi reminds us regularly about the significance of this.

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