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Right forty seven minutes after three o'clock and his team in that special I just got an email the chairman of the state Republican Party wants to be on next week just be careful join is on Wednesday at two o'clock his date his K. state the Republican party's case for why we should not have mail in election that is special right governor's office released these numbers a little while ago there are now over four hundred and ninety five confirmed positive cases a cove in nineteen in New Mexico four hundred and ninety five is the correct number there are thirty nine new cases in Bernalillo county second day in a row two days in a row no new cases in Santa Fe county ninety two additional put a positive test since yesterday ninety two thirty nine Amberley county twenty six in Sandoval county those are by far the the biggest numbers nine in San Juan county and there are three additional fatalities a man in his nineties and burly county who passed had underlying medical conditions a male in his eighties and we're only up county a male in his seventies and Sandoval county men are much more susceptible to covet nineteen four hundred and ninety five now confirmed cases in New Mexico and that would be an additional ninety two cases since yesterday I'll take a break we'll come back and I believe what we're gonna do what I'm gonna do anyway.

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