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In depth coverage of campaign 2020 on 95.5 ws Me and it's what they call the jungle race for US senator squaring off in their first debate this our incumbent Republican Kelly Leffler, facing a large field, which includes fellow Republican Doug Collins, most prominently and the Democrat Raphael Warnock in the race for the seat. She was appointed to less than a year ago now, but it made is being held virtually As we saw with Purdue and also off last week candidate's joining by video from separate locations because of the pandemic leveler has been running to the right while trying to fend off the challenge from Colin's Warnock is largely consolidated support among Democrats. George's secretary of state brand reference, Berger says the lines are getting better. Somewhat does early voting heads into a second week Now Secretary of State Brad Raffles Burger has this message for voters have already cast their ballots. Thank you. Thank you for voting. Thank you for voting Absentee and thank your voting early. He says the long lines in the first days of early voting last week are getting better is more than 1.5 million have cast votes so far either in person or by absentee. He expects that to rise or 2.5 million by Election Day, with another two million voting on November 3rd Sabre Parish 95.5 WSB 72 degrees on Peachtree Street at 301, WSB meteorologist, Carmela says into the mid forties tonight His most accurate in dependable forecast is coming up on Chek the Monday afternoon traffic. Here's Doug Turnbull in a jam with West Freeway, Chris Good afternoon, but all lanes have reopened. The crash cleared 20 West before Highway 92 exit 37 delays Not before Thorne and that's put a hurting.

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