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Change, making these mega fires worse with a plug for the millions of dollars for wildfire prevention and forest management in his infrastructure bill. Kirk Siegler. NPR NEWS Boise Tropical Storm Nicholas is gaining strength as it makes its way toward the southern coast of Texas. Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner says the city is preparing for heavy rain and flooding over the next couple of days progresses differently. More rain falling this evening and particular. From my vantage point. You know, I want to do everything I can to get people off the roads by by sundown. Forecasters say the storm could dump up to 20 inches of rain over some parts of the Gulf Coast this week. Louisiana, which was devastated by Hurricane Ida two weeks ago, has already declared a state of emergency. New York City begins in forcing its vaccine mandate for indoor businesses. Today, NPR's jasmine Guards reports the new requirement that businesses ask customers for proof of at least a partial vaccination upon entry has been in place for weeks but wasn't enforced by the city. Until now. New York City will deploy inspectors today to enforce the vaccine mandate for restaurants, gyms, bars and Other indoor venues, Patrons 12 or older must have at least a first dose of the Covid 19 vaccine proof can be the paper card given after a dose or the Excelsior path of phone app that confirms vaccination. Venues that don't comply will be find anywhere between 1000 and $5000. With around 67% of New York City residents vaccinated. The goal of the mandate is to get more people immunized. Non New Yorkers visiting from out of town will also have to present proof of at least one dose. Jasmine Garza, NPR NEWS New York On Wall Street, the Dow was up 238 points. This is NPR news. Live from news. 88 7 in Houston. I'm Matt Hair of Tropical Storm Nicholas is tracking to make landfall later tonight. As you just heard on NPR along the southern Texas coast. Multiple flash flood watches and warnings are in place in our region through tomorrow night. Tim Katie, with the National Weather Service, says Nicholas is expected to bring periods of heavy rain. For the rest of today, though, of rain associated with this system will be happiest. This will likely lead to some street flooding, and it's certainly travel issues. The storms greatest impacts will be felt along the coast where Katie says storm surges, high winds and isolated tornadoes are possible and, according to the National Weather Service's latest update, hurricane watches in effect For some areas along the coast, with the possibility of Nicholas turning into a Category one hurricane before making landfall. Now Governor Greg Abbott says the state began preparing for the storm days ago. And they said they are ready to assist with any local needs spoken to the Harris County judge as well as kind judges up and down the entire Gulf coast to make sure that we're working collaboratively. To make sure that at the local level we will be prepared for whatever the storm may bring in Houston officials are preparing to help people with this abilities whether the storm game custora gave cost. Sarah's runs the mayor's office of people with this abilities and says his office will rely on the state's database of people who have registered for emergency assistance will be using the information that is in the.

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