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Is moving around there but prepared for an extra 5 10 minutes or so it lays Zack back in the Gulf. Those windows dot com 24 hour traffic center a fairly tranquil stretch weather for next several days, We'll have the watch future development of another system in the western Caribbean that could end up being coming and name Storm Delta and could be playing a role in the northern Gulf Mexico sometime. I'm late for work week. Lot of fine tuning between now and then. But something we have to watch a 10% chance of stray shower tonight. Otherwise mostly clear, low, low sixties Sonny Low eighties Monday, mid eighties sunny Tuesday and Wednesday. I Mean Ross Todd, Work with Eddie and Galveston 80. Foreign Spring 86 Katie 85 with the K T. R H Top tax Defenders. 24 Hour Weather Center Katie Courage News Time is 501 Our top story. Fox News Sunday Tramp. Trump campaign senior adviser Steve Cortes says President Trump is energetic and focused on getting work done even while being traded for covert it Walter Reed Medical Center. What I know is that we have it from the president himself, that he's doing well and he is on task. Believe me, there is not one even iota of the president feeling sorry for himself, he said. We are going to win this campaign he is still governing actively as president of states. Even from the hospital. We are fully confident that his recovery will be complete and he is feeling so good that he has toy did one more time and we'll have that for you shortly. Doctor Tom Ingles B is also on Fox News Sunday, and he's the head of health security at Johns Hopkins and said that Trump campaign should not be holding.

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