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KPCC. Yes. From what I can tell from doing some reading before we met up with you four of your colleagues have committed suicide and in each case people around them. Are asking if the reason they killed themselves was because of the changes in this industry that made them feel that they were losing their identity that they were losing their money that their life would not be what they hoped it would be because of these changes and and. And if if that's if if you look at the age, doc Schaefer was about my age Ekanayake short about my age this age, you cannot take losses. Like, you could do it at the age. So I cannot speak for them. But they can say this. Not everybody can take the losses. You know, the member during the depression how many people killed themself, right? So. Is this partly though about the inevitable changes in an industry people's habits, change people's lifestyles change. We've just parked his car in front of the New York Times. Yeah. You know that our industry changed used to be people getting newspapers every day. They don't get newspapers every day. They don't they don't want them in their life. But they can go on the air they can change. And and and is your industry is becoming obsolete. And inevitably there's going to be something that comes challenges it. And it's a hard must be a hard thing to hear. It's a hard thing to say because you're a wonderful person, and you've built a wonderful business. But is this just the inevitable way of the world and business? I this way if the city of New York likes more Uber and lift or Abkhaz. Okay. Come to the table. Make daily medallion yellow it talks owners and on edge them a settlement. Don, Don, you're back at me after you. I still on the exclusive rights, I wondered back your arguing the city. The regulators have betrayed you. Because you bought believe was an exclusive right to pick up, and they actually let everybody else have that same right without paying the contract has been broken says something else you have to buy that back, but not for peanuts. What are cab drivers like you? And the cab drivers at you talk to you. When you guys have some time to talk. What are you saying to each other about what happened to to and? I will say this. I lobby last if something doesn't. Is doesn't do something doesn't act is something. What would be more? I just speak spoke yesterday with a guy cliff his name, you know. And he said he wants to kill himself last summer when he he lost them is a guy and a veteran. I am afraid immoral will do that. I feel you know, honestly. I know me I have nothing to lose. What else? More than a million dollars in value. You've lost more than. But I'm not gonna kill myself. I wanna fight. I just want to say one thing that I think I'm wrestling with the producer wrestling with to here. Okay. I don't want to speak for anybody else. But that I I take overs and you're making me wonder, that's you as a as a passenger. You have the right to take whatever you want to take. But they should pay for the license like me. You don't plane passengers? No, no. Because you know, you as a passenger, you are my bread and.

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