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Because all of a sudden there'd be a real live second team to worry about in the division and those are if you're not a better. Those odds are overwhelming if if the chargers are favored according to Fox bet versus the field. There's not another team that's worse than Ford of or better than worse than four to one. So that is overwhelming Gordon Fox. But he goes to the chargers and it should be overwhelming. Because for every reason I said Tom Brady made sense to the chargers. Cam Newton makes even more sense because at this point his career. He's better than Tom Brady. He might not sell quite as many tickets but he is a name. He is a star He. We saw him the last time he was healthy. The first half of two thousand eighteen plays some of the best football career. The chargers gave me Linh and extension the head coach. But it's a fake extension. It's one additional year meaning. He's coaching for his job. This year after his first bad year with the team for being five and eleven last season so they have weapons they have to legitimate superstars on defense the AFC kind of has a soft to Middle Tier which they could skyrocket to the top of or at least near the top of and they have a need at quarterback wild. Because tyrod Taylor like tyrod but tyrod if he's your backup you love him if easier starter. You're always looking for the next guy and Kevin it would give the chargers a jolt of Energy and excitement so for all those reasons. I think it makes perfect sense for the chargers. Kevin Look. I'm a Patriots Fan. I Want Cam on the Patriots badly. I'm going to start a burner twitter account and just respond to every official patriots. Tweet with the CAM. Gif of him nodding in getting focused but if he's not going to the Patriots I would like him to go to the chargers because of the NFL. Overall I pulled up the chargers twenty twenty opponents on the old trustee computer here in addition to games against Mahomes. That would be nice to see nick. Just totally devastated that he could win against the Bengals have Joe Borough versus Cam would be a great game broncos game against his old offense coordinator Mike Shula. Who's now the quarterbacks coach? I'd be like it's like little either revenge game or some sort of Shakespearean thing there then we've got patriots so like ballot check. We kinda wanted this guy. What are we GONNA do? Breeze Tampa bags a canvas brady and then finally you play the panthers. Whatever team can goes to? I want him to play the panthers. The over-under on that game will be one hundred points in in this final score of the game will be one hundred to nothing cameras going to light the panthers on buyer Greg. I wouldn't mind going to the giants long story. Short I think. Greg this whole go ahead go on tyrod. Taylor than Nick Is. Nick is out on tyrod Taylor starter. Better on him as a backup chargers in place he knows the system. They've got a team a good team in place. Should they even want Cam Newton yet? They should they should because he's a superstar. He's a proven winner. He's a former. Mvp He's taken a team to the to the Super Bowl. He understands what it takes. And he's maturing look this notion of. He's thirty years old and he's getting older and no one wants him no. I don't even think that it's no one wants him. It's teams have what they desire right now on their roster and they have the draft in front of them and options right. They're lying in front of them with the draft and so they are waiting and I think can will land soon after the draft but if there is a team that he could end up very well on as we see the Fox bet if the charges and it would be great it would be fantastic. Not only for the city of Los Angeles from a fan base in from drawing respected but for Keenan Mike Williams and those guys to get Cam Newton. They would love it. They would absolutely thrive with Cam Newton at quarterback and it would be the first time Cam Newton had more than just one receiver. That could really rely depend on and the defense. The chargers WANNA bet they were a bad team. They just suffered a lot of injuries there. When James is what what have you? They were injured. I like the charges. It's specially if Cam Newton is their quarterback nick to the chargers suddenly become contenders in the AFC. If they get cam a hundred percent like listen right now that the chiefs and the Ravens are clearly the two favorites going into next season out of the AFC. But who is third that? We don't know who the quarterback for the Patriots is. We do know the quarterback for the bills is and that probably hurts their case this steelers. We know their quarterback is but we don't know what he weighs and we don't know billable works anymore. The Texans just traded away their best player or the second best player. Pardon me the culture. Starting Philip rivers there is a very very legitimate argument to be made that with a healthy cam. Newton the chargers become the third best team in the AFC and it should be noted. We are just one season removed from the chargers being tied with the chiefs for the best record in the Conference Jenna at twelve and four then rivers season. Went to Hell and Derwin. James broke his foot. That's what happened in twenty nineteen so yes absolutely Jenner. They become contenders if they had a healthy cam. Newton here first things first. It is time for stories to start your morning nick. Your chiefs have a whopping one hundred. Seventy seven dollars of available cap space. Bears Repeating one hundred seventy seven dollars or in my daughter's language that is twelve. Ll dolls worth of money for cap space. What do you think they should spend it on? Well LISTEN IS GONNA be able to spend it on anything but this is awful news for the other thirty one teams because it speaks to not only the chief of the best quarterback in the league. They might have the best general manager in the League. We talk all the time. Take advantage of your rookie quarterback window when you've got a great quarterback on a rookie contract that is exactly what the chiefs have done and the team that just won the Super Bowl. They've been able to retain essentially every e component of that super bowl team and they go into the draft with nearly two hundred dollars to spend. I will also add this wild if they were to trade away. Sammy Watkins. That hundred. Seventy seven dollars politically turns into fourteen million one hundred and seventy seven dollars so they need wiggle room. They'll have it and then eventually they'll rework some things to sign Patrick Mahomes. This is great news for me all news for you and.

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