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Never forget it snoop dog whom and that's almost right of that because he was the second uh you kidding i'm definitely not renault this is i don't know any things i mean it's a really really well no musical artist but probably not the one that you'd think what you think is the second most popular musgrove artist around right now the main the name will shock you uh is it a sat brockie but the ss adult us i'm going to saw him no no it's a almost spice go mel b yes how's shortage near malvy mt elliott mel b with bitcoin's why she did it for the branding no i'm i love how new technology makes our lives easier melby said and to me that's exciting bitcoin you hit sorry this is ridiculous bitcoin unites my fans around the world using one currency they can just pay using bitcoin those have both of them use bitcoin no so snoop dogg announced that his new album was going to be available to purchase in bitcoin mlb go ahead of him by saying all my new eu single awry now paper in bitcoin well i love it is like melby is trying to start the mouthpiece snoop dog beef that near never yes it's true never should exist to him so i hope we've learned lots about bitcoin had some lofts yeah yeah dan something on on that you learn saw not i think i ended up 300 right over may be should get a bonus point for snoop dog yeah i think i shit yes okay great un arth statism for bring your a game next week matt reynolds thoroughly it there for this week thanks very much for listening as always we will see you again next week goodbye goodbye.

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