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He he not a scrambler. He just has that that feel of playing the position. He'll kill keep it alive, but he's got a great arm and he can squeeze it into tight windows. But what's amazing about what he's done is he spreads the wealth. And this is really rare for young quarterback. Mahomes is gone on the road twice. He's beaten playoff teams, hall of Famer quarterbacks in Philip rivers, and Ben Rothlisberger gone to put up eighty points. He's thrown tuck. Touchdown passes to four whiteouts tight end a running back in a fullback. That's pretty impressive for any quarterback. Let alone somebody who is just really starting his career, but Mahomes and Ryan Fitzpatrick who would have thought the to start the star quarterbacks over the weekend would be a thirty five year old in a twenty two year old. Here's Patrick Mahomes after the win over Pittsburgh. Never have ten thousand this point in the season, but I knew what this offense and the weapons that we had in this game cartridge drawing up that we had a chance to be really, really good and that the possibilities are. I mean they're endless. I mean, we could really come out every single week and do and score points. It's all about me getting the ball into those playmakers hands and you saw today, they're breaking tackles. Points didn't he sound like he could be WWE like he could be a wrestler hyphen to fight. I like his voice play the day brought to you by refresh leadership simulcast October twenty. Fourth featuring the former secretary state general Colin Powell register online at refresh leadership dot com. Slash simulcasts brought to you by express employment professionals..

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