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Doesn't superstar roy. Another one is from a guy and there's a few people who bowed answer. These one is also told me. Well why pets and big fan. Just starting my new podcast. Any tips footy. It's simple as this might grab yourself and just have a crack evercrack and have some fun. That's a waste. I don't care if you me listeners. You get because audra. The have quality listeners than quantity caravans maple can. I signed awake can have won. Caps is just what you already. I try and have at least a decent audio. You don't want to san horrendous and peps you. And i were guilty of your. I back to emphasize one between one and five we had we had. We had talking to the microphones of fun things. if you can splurge a little bit just just getting a little bit of mind. A bit mark. It makes a messy difference and yes. There are some of the questions. I think they're all relevant as well to everybody's question it simply these on. You've already answered it. What would you prefer a by before the preliminary Weekend a preliminary awaking after the full the finals all before the grand final walsum rowdier. John it is one wake at a time which is literally these. What game are you looking forward to this week. The most off think about now we can pretty much do these strata. Why all looking forward to melbourne. And the cats you'd be looking forward to port adelaide in the doggies because we're both teams but you know it's mostly going to be a little bit interested in the slogan is final couple spots in the but i think he's got a choice to be on the look out the gw wisconsin me interested. And just because you know. If i lose neither is there is in fact. It's actually not a bad for other than like the crows knowlson. Sophomore really interested on to see the is win again. Not because we get this. That's why we want the candies to win the play that every frigging league.

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