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Percent on all other purchases what's in your wallet capital one bank usaa one of my best attributes is leadership and hoping you guys get the best yourselves and i think that at the end of the day that's all i wanna do i wanna help them become better men and better players whatever that may be you know if that means on the field just communicating better get that's off the field just you know getting your affairs in order in a better way that is more conducive us success i think that that's my job and i take responsibility now back to the leadoff spot with adam copeland on knb are six eighty fi sports leader richard sherman all the right stuff to say coming onto a young team a guy with a pedigree championship mindset saying all the right stuff early on we were just talking about we're going to get back to this richard sherman thing we were just talking giants no nose and we're because nbc sports that was playing the jonathan sanchez no hitter last night and then what came up with the matt cain perfect game the final out in that game was recorded by jason castro remember that kid went to stanford he was a catcher he was playing for the astros at the time he's from castro valley went to castro valley high matriculated to stanford and then was drafted i believe the same year buster posey was drafted he took stanford to the super regional college world series the year before he was drafted anyway buddy of mine gabe rangel former teammate of mine and classmate moreau catholic he brings to me that that jason castro made that final out i'd forgotten that he made the final out he rolled over one to third base there gave says we we started talking via text here about jayson castro we had a game one time where we were up seven nothing on castro valley high jason castro hit a grand slam in the seventh inning to go up over us they started rallying back we're up seven two seven two six and castro hits a grand slam over the.

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