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In this game way list. I will speak about four items that ended In Huggins and Scott past actions. Most of the more recent and our contestants have to guess which one ended higher so the first item will be The one I just spoke of sold in a 2014 Huggins action, so I don't know if it'll be More or less after this chances are it would be more, I guess, because it was termed it extremely scarce. 1926 shot well can be Red Grange, Rapper. Second item. Derek Jeter, 1993 Upper Deck. Espy rookie card. This is his best rookie card. Grated S She c nine Third item. Jackie Robinson, 1948. Swell Sport thrills Dream it dramatic debut card number three grated A PSA 4.5. And the force item is 1961 2 63 Roberto Clementi rare a realistic face on it. White Base bobble headed looked at his face that looked a lot like Romanies face was pretty cool. So those air the Foret thems You got the Red Grange, You got Derek Jeter, the Jackie Robinson and the Roberto Clemente and Eric It's time for you to go first. All right, I will lead off with the Jackie Robinson that as the 4.5 rating, Okay, the 1948 say, 4.5 Jackie Robinson. Vince, You're next. So so extremely scared on the red Grange. You know, I'd rather have the Clemente above anything. Obviously, I am like a kinship with him, but I think what Sold. The highest is the Jeter on 93. Upper deck. Rookie card. The 93 upper deck s P rookie Jeter. Okay, Next we have Jon Drummond. What is your guests? Well, I'm going to be all right. I should go with Red Grange. But I don't think that he would. I would go with the others with them. I would have it. I'm going to take Peter's Jeter's rookie card. Agena rookie card also, so we have to and the General scarred and Nancy Huggins. Yeah, changed because Memorial san and a cardinal fans, But I'm I'm going to dump on the teeter train. All we have this cheater. Now Nancy is risking a negative, too. If that's the right, John would get to have one and Vince would just be even Eric. Luckily, if you are wrong, at least you don't go into the negative things could be a big game changer for this is a big change could be okay. Let's see which one ended Lowest of these four. No one has it. The 19 61 to 63. Roberto Come any white base bobblehead $950 So it did very well. The second. Well, let's say the third best item. Is the extremely scarce 1926 Check. Well Candy red grains rapper $1400 that went for the second best. The Jackie Robinson of 1948. Now that was a good guess, though, where I think you should get it. I know you're gonna get the bonus. Ask after this because all another place for me to be right like that, to all three of them are correct. This is a new record for the week. Three correct guesses in one week. Yes, the Derek Jeter in a nine went for $2000. Wow. I actually sent some items in the sGC. They were always good and the vintage stuff, But they've changed their grading on the newer stuff, and they have nine is meant. 95 is meant, plus 10 is Gem Mint, and then they have a gold label. 10. That's Christine. So I like the grating company they had. Ah, ah younger group of guys in charge that seemed really with it and apparently, well, all the grating cos they're getting Deluged with craves cards to grade right now things there, but well, I'll have a report on it when I get him back and how I feel like they did. I think I did. 14. Vintage cards that were lower grade and then some really nice, newer things that are hat like some of the press teams and things like that. So John Drummond thanks for joining us in and you're Hanging in there with the the witch ended higher. You're right up there. You can't catch that. Nancy Duggan, listen, I know you guys are tied your for the leader. Both more money too. I hear at the end of it's gonna be like a prize that you won't even believe what that price is going to be. I know I can wait my cigars with dollar bills. That's exactly right. You know what? Maybe what it will be is you'll get the cigars. Maybe that will be That'll be the prize of dandruff rejoining this. We'll talk to you next week. What did the Robinson go for? Tom? The Jackie Robinson went for $1700. So I mean, that was a good guess. By Eric. That was a good one. But not first. It wasn't in first. It wasn't first. No, but I am going to give Eric a bonus when I forget which one is going to be, But I've got a bonus. Question after the break that will give Eric to try to get himself back in. John Drummond was talking. I was looking up stuff on Red Grange Gallo question in 1926 the NFL past the Red Grange rule. What was it The Red Grange pool. It was what was it? And what was he the last player to ever do to play more than one team in one year? Yes, but not necessarily exactly what you're thinking. Oh, hey, that's pretty good that I was close to that. Okay? Anybody else want to guess? If nobody gets it..

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