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Sports fla are peter schwarts tomorrow is championship sunday in the nfl the defending super bowl champion patriots will host the jaguars and the afc title game patriots quarterback tom brady questionable without injured right here so i'll confident is he that he'll be able to play footsie visit were you will the road is yet always rather practicing yes absolutely concrete yuille result unionfunded physically capable wilson rainy participated in practice yesterday kickoff tomorrow 300 five eastern time at the nfc championship game the eagles host the vikings he goes head coach doug peterson said the mindset is like any other game tried to go into it with the same approach um you know you you don't so you don't do anything crazy as far as uh you know just do the things that gosh in that position got you there in the first place and uh you know once you get into the flow the game it's it's football kickoff six forty eastern time tomorrow night at the australian open this morning women's top seed simona halla beat american loren davis four six six four and fifteen thirteen her match that lasted three hours and forty four minutes pallop found a way to survive in advance and just gift playing just keep believing that uh is not over havelenge she's leading a little bit more i gave everything guy head today and the actually i'm really proud that i could stay there and winning was not easy at all she played great bottles struck took two hours twenty two minutes to complete all the mozarts second seed roger federer big richard gasquet at six two seven five six four and last night victory over the jazz 117 one fifteen the lakers shot two four t from the free throw line yet saw that beat the pacers ninety nine eighty six the sun's over the nuggets wanna wait one hundred raptors eighty six spurs eighty three.

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