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You would like it you wouldn't you hear his voice don't you feel like he has a really strong hands i feel like this guy is like rip i mean he just that's how it just looks like that like he's yeah he seems like he just built a fence built a fan yeah he says and what he says i'm going to record a song yeah when he says i'm going to record a song well so brick wall street song but but if his path to finding jesus was hula traveled around the world seeking back came back read words horse that's out dennis quaid finds jesus he goes on an epic journey with a guitar with an acoustic guitar slung over his shoulder just surfing out there so for you give you dennis somewhere middle siberia and he hit me i was crossing the appalachian dusted bible strewn across the path i didn't read it then i came back jesus landed on jesus as it alone for forty days realized now a string i was stringing barbed wire across the plains of montana ranch watching general twenty two take it sleep in my bed of nineteen forties f one fifty under the stars one night and this song came to me jesus alone jesus that's the one you know came out on came out on the jesus side so here i go on my way to heaven want to thank you all right a wrinkle in time as screenwriter says they intentionally left out the christian references from the movie i mean not surprising but though madelynn quaid wrote the novel the film is based on herself was a devout christian screenwriter jennifer lea essentially said that they wanted to make the film more inclusive to appeal to viewers of different beliefs she explained to uproxx why references to jesus in the bible were cut from the movie one of the.

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