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I'd uh-huh today so understood moment. Yeah so okay okay. All right all right. So yeah so. And then her cast her. Cast photo is like from the waist up or maybe she was and I was looking at it and I was like okay. It was a good thing that she said she sticks to. I wouldn't have got that. She's really tall from her. CAST photo because it's from the waist up because she lied she's alive. It was a joke but it wasn't like she wasn't sarcastic. Enough Okay Art. You have to master if the master. Okay all right so not so big. WHOA Wendy big big Big Wendy bye? Romantically big women turned up. Big Wendy is not that tall the way I was way off on that one and a very rare mistake by yours truly talking about anything having to do with survivor. Let's stay in the preseason from survivor thirty eight survivor edge of extinction. Because we did something for the very first first time in the preseason of survivor the edge of extinction that my good friend I said Hey. Let's do a preview preview. Just based on the cast previews let's go by WHO's got the It's a look to win this game and Bryce I was telling us about his thoughts on. The appearance of Kelly Wentworth in her return survivor back on Valentine's Day February every fourteenth twenty.

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