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Yes, you have to watch every episode plan. Yeah. If you skip one you'll be sorely disappointed. Well, thank you so much. Thank you. All right. We're almost there. We're almost at the end of the show, but burst our chasers chasers. Or the good stuff that helps all the batch it go down, and we decided since basically, Barry, and I every week have been saying television shows is our chasers. Literally every single week. We decided every week for our chasers. We're going to say what we're watching. And we have to say something else that's making all the bad shit. Go down. We're forcing test upon ourselves. Barry, are you ready for the tests? I'm ready. What's your television show of the week? So my television show the week, as you know, because I have been texting you between the hours of six forty five PM to midnight every single night this week, mostly when I'm asleep. Shits creek. You have been on it for a long time. Shits creek was like my first ever changing. No, it's it's taken me a long time. I've had a lot of shows on my list, and that's been on it for a while. But I finally got to it and. Oh, it's it's just the fucking best. It's literally the best show on television the for. Okay. I did. I watched the first episode a while ago, and I wasn't thrilled. But then I watched the second episode, and it's like once they get to the town. Oh my God. It's just it's incredible. It's so funny. It. I just it's so good. I've I've actually seen every episode at least ten times not an exaggeration. I watched every binge-watch shits creek ten times at least. Yeah. It's it's what I'm watching. And I'm really happy. I want to get L. So started pulled arc. We can talk about that next week. Okay. What about you? What are you watching this week my TV show this week? Well, I mean, I've talked about this before. But the great British bake off has new seasons on net. Flicks. It will if you live in the United States, they put out I don't know. It's weird thing they put out like one of the earlier seasons that hadn't been on that flicks yet..

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