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Yeah, that's a tough one and gorge in it. You know, I think people by Jerry Ford did it really Well, you know, George Sr over like short senior now write the memory of George first place Bush because he did. It was well, it was Clinton Well, and you know, it's good luck. Right. Hey, Chris. So we're playing a little have a little contest here. Joel Barlow and myself are news guy here and we're picking presidential or presidential candidates quotes that really kind of altered a race and therefore altered the course of American history and ah, who better to ask you? Or why those quotes. What do you think was one of the ones that really changed? The dynamic? I think in 1976 Jerry for was a likable guy. We'd like it took over for next, and I was afraid close election he gets into a debate. And he and I talk about Eastern Europe. It was still in the communist world. It was built behind the Iron Curtain. The only we grew up with that and and and he said Eastern Europe is not in the communist Soviet Germany. Hegemony put it. He said that in other words, the Polish people were free. Hungarian people were free. You kidding, Jerry? What do you talking about? Absolutely well, Chris. I got to tell you. Thanks a lot. That was my quote in the next pots and I gotta find thanks, Chris. Appreciate that. You really helped me out there. I got some work. Right Gris bad. It's great political accommodated. Hey, you're welcome on the show anytime, Chris. This's a wacky story here. But you know when the world is full of wondrous creatures, such as well, Len Berman, But have.

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