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The next step we have Rick boogs versus Robert Roode with king nakamura and Dolph Ziggler ringside. Boogs wins in two minutes with the pump handle slam, which is now called the boog's crews. Yeah. He just he's like winning all the time quickly. He's just burying this. He's dominant. What's up with the resurgence of the pump handle slam? I know. Everyone's doing them now. It's the worst. Yeah. After the match Apollo Crews and commander Z's attack and lay out nakamura and boogs and then Cruz demands a rematch for the Intercontinental Championship. Oh, okay. Like what? Three months later. Yeah. Basically. I don't know how long ago that was, but it seems like it was a while back now for him to want this all of a sudden again. Your window of opportunity closed a while back ago. Yeah. Yeah. Next up, we have Kevin Owens versus happy Corbin. Except not really, because Corbin attacked Owens from behind before the match and choke slammed him on the apron. So Vince knows Kevin Owens is probably leaving. So yeah. Thus begins the burial. Of Kevin Owens. Just like Dean Ambrose Ambrose. Buried him for months. Good God. So answer me this. Why does every Corbin gimmick have to have some sort of like apparel accessory? So when he was constable Corbin, he had a vest. He had a vest. When he was King Corbin, he had a crown. Now he's happy Corbin, and he has like a hat. Like a stupid house. I'm happy. Happy hat. A very happy hat. Does he always need clothing to prove his gimmick? Yeah. That's how he changes. He just put something else on. New article of clothing. Yeah. Jesus. And when he was just Baron Corbin, he just had the symbiote hair. Gross. That was the smartest decision he ever made. Yeah. 100% looks 1000 times better. Oh, for sure. Backstage, Caleb Braxton asks Heyman if Brock Lesnar is aware of the rumors that he will be drafted to Monday Night Raw. Rumors. Did you hear that rumor? I did not. I mean, it's a draft. So technically you could make a rumor about anyone going anywhere. Yeah. Hey did you hear the rumor that, you know, Kevin Owens is going to raw? Did you hear the rumor about Robert Roode going to two O 5 live? Oh my God, that's crazy. It's sad. And I believe it. I don't think he can compete there. So Heyman suggests that Kayla won't leave him alone because she has a crush on him. And then he turns in big he is standing there with the WWE Championship. He even says congratulations. You made the smartest decision of your life, knowing that you would never successfully cash in on Roman Reigns. I mean, there's no. You saved yourself. Biggie says, I guess we'll see when I face your boy at Survivor Series. But will your boy be Roman Reigns or will it be Brock Lesnar? Or will it be the demon Finn Balor? Ruining all of your best laid plans because you overlooked them. Pass, not that at all. Pass. And then B get super kicked by Jey Uso, boom. And then him and Jimmy beat him up. In the face. Yeah. Hey, I'm the WWE Champion fuck you, bam. Yeah. You're dead. Buried their own champion. Next up, we have an in ring promo from Seth Rollins, wearing a metallic suit, which got a you look stupid chant. Right. Like silver surfer. Fair enough. He looks like what do you call those people in the streets, like not the mimes, but the people that wear the all metallic. Oh, they do like robot robots. Yeah. They look like a statue, but they're not. Is there a name for those people? Metallic idiots? That's a nice street performance. So Seth says last week I had one of the greatest matches of my career when I beat edge. There. When my boot came down in the back of his neck, I felt the pop and heard a crunch and he compared it to stepping on a cockroach, and then we rewatched the footage. And then Seth yells, what did you think it was gonna happen? My employers said I went too far, but I used a legal move in a legal match. Edge went too far because he knew the risks and he still got in the ring with me. And then he also says I got to move on, but I can't do that until I finish you edge. So let's dance one more time. So I guess they're not going to milk this like edge injury for a few months. Well, probably keep them off TV. I would think Saudi mania. Because I think it would have been if it was extreme rules, I think they would have announced it by now. Right. You know, this is the edge some time. I mean, you'd figure that'd be the logical step, have some sort of last man standing or street fight or whatever, but now Saudi mania. Well, maybe they'll do a last man standing there, who knows? You know? Or first to like kill a woman match. Like, you know? Here's the sword. Does that McIntyre sword? No, no, this is a real sword. It's real. This is a real sword and you have to kill a woman. Any woman, of course, yes. What do you think there's women that are more important than others? Just kill a woman, idiot. Anyone. So yeah, next up we have zelina Vega and carmela versus Liv Morgan and Tony storm. Welcome back. This was the match that was supposed to happen before whatever. 9 11 or whatever? I don't know. I know this happened last week too, didn't it? Who gives a fuck? Liv kicks carmella in the face. She kicks Carmelo's face first into the middle turnbuckle and Carmelo rolls out of the ring crying and loses by count out. Yeah. She broke her nose. Fuck this shit. Are you a wrestler? Or are you a stupid little girl? Oh my God, my face. Yeah. Stupid little girl. And then Liv grabs the mic and challenges Carmelo to a match at extreme rules, oh my God. How is this a pay per view match? Granted, I'm sure it will be the kick-off match. Absolutely. But this still should not be at the fucking paper. Hey kids, you want to see this? Pay extra money. Yeah. They've already fought in singles matches over the past few months. Right. Like they had three singles matches in a row. Never doing tag team matches. And now they're gonna have another singles match. Uh huh. Yeah. This is all Liv Morgan's done since losing at money in the bank. Yeah. And then backstage after the break, we see that carmela's nose is just fine, and she tells that it appears in Sonya DeVille that she's accepting this challenge and then Vegas says she has to go through me first. Well, don't worry because she will. Because everyone goes right through you. Yes. You haven't won since. Catalina. Years ago. Just right through you. That's on Friday for SmackDown. Oh yeah. Next up, we have a backstage promo from Finn Balor. He says, unlike Roman Reigns, I wasn't born into wrestling family. I was born into a family of railroad workers. But I was trying to potatoes. But I was too small. But I was too small to be a real world worker. They said, get out of here. Go do something else like wrestling. Get out of here. He says, this is what I chose. The demon comes from inside, blah, blah blah, I'm the demon. I'm going to demon you, and you're going to die from the demon. And then they use CGI to turn ball into the demon. Let's magic. Yeah. One more. I know. SmackDown magic. One magic. Let me go backstage and Naomi asked Sonia. She says I've waited long enough, wins my match. Sony says there's not enough time on the show idiot. Why didn't you ask me earlier? Which is what I've been saying. Right. And then Naomi gets right and Sonya's face, backs her into a crate and says one way or another, I will get my match. And you will acknowledge me now. That's gotta be where it's going. But.

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