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Support president from and his immigration policies are Racists? Anyone who supports this is supporting racism, right? He didn't get the facts right on that. Was that Empty barrels make the most noise. And he was using that It was like giving that to you. Basically that you're right. That's um That's a racist term, too. I'm thinking about that when we looked it up in the dictionary because I had never heard of an empty battle. All right, joining us Now we bring back Horace Cooper, Co chair of the Black Leadership Network Project. 21, Reverend Heavy foot CL Bryant. I never got a ticket because I convert every cop to Jesus when they pulled me over. I get out of tickets by invoking the name of Jesus, our Lord and our savior. Uh, welcome back, Reverend. By the way, I bet you've got a lot of reaction to our last radio program, didn't you? Oh, yes, Sean. There's no question about it and thank you for that. But you know, I gotta be honest is a part of me that just admires the hell out of it because it's but I know it's genuine. That's who you are. You're that guy that would You know, Officer can I Can I pray with you? I could see you doing that to everybody. Because you've done it to me. I mean, Lord God, John, and hey, listen, There's much hope for you. And there's room at the cross. No doubt for you, Shawn. Him. Look, I'm one of the questions that needs the saving part. You know, I'm not. I'm not the great Christian. I got to get better and better. I'm the one that needs Jesus. More more. But anyway, we appreciate you both being back. What's your reaction? Reverend? When you hear that tape You know, Sean, the more I listened to the narrative that going on the more it makes me angry that they believe black people are stupid enough to believe that Democrats are the answer for them. And there they believe that black people are stupid are too stupid to get a voter. I d. I don't know anybody personally Shawn, Black or white. That doesn't have an idea in this country. And the politics and the racism off low expectations is the problem that Democrats have presented to America about black people for the last 60 years. They always want to use us as mascots and pat us on the head and tell us that we can't succeed unless they hold our hands and guide us. They didn't do that to the Italian saying dread to the Jews. They didn't do that to anybody that came here. They want to do that to us, and we're tired of being the Poster Children for liberal causes and decides that Shawn the sixties and seventies are calling and they want their causes back because the Democrats are beating him to death. It's a dead horse. We've moved on from that The past is the past. Let's focus on our future. I believe, Reverend and with all my heart and soul that God created every man, woman and child And that everybody has certain gifts. And the difference between in the human experience is the propensity for good and evil. Like I would argue that God gave us both a gift or maybe occurs of a big mouth. And you're just better at it than I am, because I've never been able to talk my way out of a ticket like you, but, um, but I think most Americans agree with that. You know, I I thought with all my heart, there's a zey aspiring Christian, you know, wanting to be better that that's the fact hard scooper. First Let me just say this. If we had more field Bryants in America, America would in fact, be a glorious place and always had more CL Bryant speed limit would go up. We could drive past her legally. Well, you know, here in Texas. It is already 85. So I don't know how much faster could go by the way. That really sucks hearing that Because it's 55 in New York. It's socks to hear that. Yeah, well, I find that not everybody is willing to even go the speed limit here. It becomes an aspirational goal. Let me say this. I don't understand why our president didn't say instead of talking about Jim Crow two point Oh, why didn't he just say? I know Jim Quo. Jim Quo is a friend of mine. And 2021 is not Jim quote because that's the truth. His record is legacy. He's the one that needs to be explaining and not telling people who live their lives. The day that they need to live in the same kind of fear and the same kind of apprehension that existed 70 plus years ago. It's his legacy and his Pettis responsibilities that need to be re examined. Not America in 2021. I mean, it's Zumba believable, I think corresponds up a good point, Reverend. And that is that if Donald Trump had the record of praising segregationists and praising the former Klansman and partnering with the guy that filibuster the Civil Rights Act, 64 Voting Rights Act 65 boy people in the Democratic Party they forget. Lyndon Johnson needed all the Republicans that he got because you know, people like Joe Biden's KKK Prin were nowhere to be found. Then partnering the stop integration in schools. Doesn't want to schools to become his words of racial jungle. If any of that happened with any Republican ever get elected with that history, I doubt it. Absolutely not, Shawn and you know, it's an excellent point. You bring up hard because itwas Joe Biden and his friend Robert KKK. Byrd, who did in fact, know Jim Crow. I know Robert KKK. Byrd knew him because he wore the sheikh upholding Jim Crow. There's no question about it, and Joe Biden eulogized him glowingly. At his funeral. So the hype ocracy that they are putting and presenting before the American people, particularly black people, is the same old mess that they have been leading us to a place of co dependency on them for a long time. What Donald Trump did he came along, and he actually said a free again because he unleashed American business. He unleashed American prosperity. He unleashed black business. In this country. I was on his board. Black boys is for Trump. And let me tell you something. There was not a time that I have seen black folks more energized in the entrepreneurial arena. Then they were when Donald John Trump was president of the United States Depression has set in again among black businesses, black businessman American businesses and American businessmen. And it's all because voters you better Not to get this. It's all because of who is in the Oval Office, even though I'm not calling him president. People going to go after you for that, by the way, but we allow freedom of speech on this program. Uh, Quick Break Maura with Horace Cooper. Reverend C L. Bryant on the other side, 809.1 Sean our number if you wanna be a part of the program, So alright, It's long cutting season..

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