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The broadcast center in spring garden thirty degrees with clear skies 25 in june out of heart going to 24 overnight in the news at this hour a sea of egos fans takeover philadelphia to honor their heroes coach peterson extremely proud of his team the dev occasion that commitment the desire and the will to never quit and i knew and take long until we're standing up here and here we are today as world champions scans are part of feeling sports history here at the super bowl championship parade we will see and rightness which others whose shout and scream in it was electric by the body everybody's having fun i'm had after that on the ben franklin parkway you are you for corruption on selfrule street as the boat gang celebrates a championship i've waited forty five years for this day i mike dougherty abroad and porter city hall promised great fears of the parade except that everybody had same idea reaping down you're wherever you can't get nowhere near the park there has to be four million people here i had loeb at city hall in sports at the wells fargo center the flyers lead the canadians in the second period two to one in a college hoops calcium beat drexel ninety two sixty eight in business the dow plunged one thousand thirty three points nasdaq fell to seventy five the sp 500 lost one hundred one points on the day i'm cbs three meteorologist kate bilo partly cloudy and cold tonight but not as windy low 24 clouds increasing through the day tomorrow see if he breaks of blue sky high forty and tell you about a war i'm up and rain on the way for the weekend when we check eyewitness weather on kyw newsradio the broadcast center in spring garden clear skies thirty degrees going to 24 overnight go to ably news time eight thirty two time for traffic and transit on the twos santa.

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