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Of course did not come true is that the state of florida which is largely only five to twenty five feet above sea level what will be in data with water many have quit investing in florida because of a fear of the gulf mexico in the atlantic reclaiming the peninsula of florida what was his prediction about florida and not how to turn out well he predicted he actually showed on a dramatic emmett here clubbed of the earth film work florida underwater with the animation and what he said now it and what he said after you a personal level ride is not accelerate unita people going to underpin it he reveled been arriving for over ten thousand year tillack ice age here arrive at always happen it had been no acceleration it in writing about the thickness of a nickel every year of a dime decreed and harming a nickel go it not having in crisis like miami were gorge prequel renfert for show coming in the street that purity caught recalled form card rick had been historic i have already car could it occurred radio center cocoa coterie local phenomenon not related kind of global climate change but the crew is out gore you risk represented sea level if not accelerating ukrainian distinguished career in weird here showing a coming up on the short miami active cold outside an thinking and you cornfeed on the town hall with the mayor of a little ireland who stood up in found cowger here's iron is sinking had nothing to do with melting grace shirt and everything else well uh so you're saying that for ten thousand years these sea levels since the last great ice age have been rising about that thickness of a dime and those little or nothing human beings can do to change that absolutely that's what we're hearing and in fact when al gore show hugh aug glacier melted another factor for we started our modern chemical record in about eighteen fifty eighty the now at the end of eudaldo i paid when new york harbor fro dover when the famed river hamburg reverend owen credo over the.

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