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They're not my favorite episodes but we learned that it's Mason who a bullet to the chest in order to prevent a murder at at this robbery scene and then we flash to mason who is floating in the water. They did a beautiful transition seeing there where he's laying on the ground suffering spring from the bullet wound to hit now. He's relaxing in the lake as his wife calls him his wife. Grace I believe calls him out of the water to get ready for their service and says that ashes here to help quote load up the boat for service at this point. We don't know what that means but we soon find out that there's Sir something special about the hymnals. They used during the service and then a surprise. Bobby Dean pays a visit to the birds by floating his dead body under the dock. Doc So yeah Mardi. Birds starts to draw a lot of attention. How convenient because Mardi birt's now the new owner of the Strip club that did Bobby Dean owned so the sheriff shows up and says I'm GONNA need to see a bill of sale which somehow Mardi polls that together and Marty finally early meets Jacobs Snell? Now this is. I don't know if you know this but the actor that plays Jacob Snow is Scottish. Hey Look Scottish. I'm not surprised. He's he's got really weird accent. And who is definitely not a redneck but a hillbilly. Apparently there's every day for any big differences wants their lanes. That difference right doesn't explain that difference in his story I think he does. I think he does Talking to Bobby Dean Yeah. Yeah because Bobby. Dean is clearly. Clearly a redneck. Hillbillies don't trust rednecks so Jonas starts to learn about guns Bhai cozying up to buddy and You know we we get a little more backstory on buddy and we feel that there's more to buddy than meets the eye. What a surprise in this show and then Wendy sits down to talk to Gary? Her dead lovers son which isn't really important to the story but I think it's important to building Wendy's character and you know just putting more more pieces. This is in that relationship the the very complicated relationship between Wendy and Marty Roy heads out to fish with Russ thanks. Get very very confusing for us. Because I don't think it's revealed in this episode but I'll go ahead mention it now that that we later find out that Roy did do do his homework on Russ and found out that Russ at some point was picked up in another city for you know having having fun with a nineteen year old male prostitute restitute so he knows that Russ probably has some hidden tendencies which during the scene. I'm thinking like. Oh he he just took a chance that Russ has AA. But we don't know that until like episode. I don't know maybe nine or ten or yeah yeah it comes. It comes in later for sure but again the relationships aren't always what they seem. Because you know we think Roy is using Russ and and Russ I love. Russ I gotTa tell you I love him and I just. I don't know seeing their relationship if develop it it's kind of like I feel like Russ's finding himself. Yeah and a sweet it was sweet and then I think they're questions later on about about. Was Roy really just doing an undercover assignment or did he really have feelings for us as well. So we'll get to that but Mardi and Wendy meet with Mason Jason and Gracie to talk about building a church not really knowing the impact that it will have on the snails business and I can't remember if we actually learn in this episode sewed about that now I guess we learn about that in the next episode of the next episode. Yeah he still has no idea like what the smells do anything of nothing going on and they make this this choice because they can inflate construction costs which is great for money laundering. And it won't raise the attention of the IRS because apparently religious structures have some tax exemptions so seems like the perfect solution we find out in the next episode. It's not and then Marty officially hires ruth to to run the Strip club for a thousand dollars a week and I think this is really significant to. Because I'm I'm doing the math. Going for a redneck like ruth in town living in the way that she lives in a trailer fifty two thousand dollars as got to be a lot of money like are legitimate money. And and more importantly it's a male father figure who has faith trust and confidence in her. And that's it. I think this is a a huge turning point for Ruth Yep and an props props to the actress because her face when he offers her the job you know. She visibly stumbles for a minute. Yes she's shocked and he marty says you know unless we unless you to start hiring managers interview managers and she is whereas I think that she had originally seen Marty as someone she could take advantage of and learn from and an ultimately kill and take all your money. I think at that point. She is starting to see that. He's trading like a human being and acknowledging her talents. And maybe maybe she is going to start to like this guy. Well that's what we think till she goes to see her dad. But we'll get to of that We'll get to that so the episode name ruling days. I took this to mean the battle for power begins. So we've got the birds we've touched the SNELL's Snell's the birds representing of course the drug cartel the SNELL's the Langmore 's so who's going to be the ruler and and the ozark symbols that we see in the opening the American and flag the church framework the upside down cowboy boots that I mentioned. That's a Hillbilly boot right. There and a flower which I can only assume is a poppy. Yeah and that leads us to write episode six the book of Ruth. So the SNELL's kidnapped Marty. They they decide. It's time for him to know what's going on. And he learns about the Poppy Farm. They are manufacturing heroin and distributing it on the water and they tell Marty you're are disrupting the ecosystem here dude and you know in no uncertain terms. They tell him that he needs to shut it down. He needs to stop construction on the church. He needs to get the the preacher back out on the water and get out of their business so We also see Ruth's dad in prison. And for the first time we meet him and he instructs Ruth to kill Marty and take his money in case. He's he's like you know. Just do it. And that's it now. Oh I don't know I think again as we were just talking about ruth. I think she's really an awesome fascinating character. I don't think she wants to kill anybody. I thinks she's probably basically a pretty good person to and she's brilliant. But you know obviously. She's afraid of her dad. There's something something is going on there that we don't know about rent and I need to know more about how he has so much power from behind bars. Yeah yeah and also I mean. I think he's not going to be in there long because the way they're all treating him it doesn't because they're so afraid of him and she talks to him all the time and it doesn't seem like he's going to be in there so maybe he has a short sentence and they know he's GonNa be out soon well in in one of the later episodes Ah when when Ruth goes back there with Wendy in Charlotte and I think that's maybe in one of my episodes. Wendy actually mentioned that it is a lower security prison prison. It's that he's in more like a transitional prison and because he's been transferred from a maximum security. Okay okay so then we also have an episode sex Roy by agent Pettis trying to get rust. Go into business with him. He suggests he mentions that he always wanted to open a bait and tackle shop and he's complimenting Russ on his fly fishing bait or whatever. He's he's see. I hate this emotional manipulation. Yeah and and really like because Russ for once is like I could make something of myself. I know I know in Russia's Roy Right Russ's is buying it and he's he's he's found a man and you know but ultimately Roy's trying to get Russ to get money for Mardi he says you know what about that bird guy who's investing money all over the lake you know just dropping Roy's drop in these hints to Russ and Russ is all like I'm Gonna I'm GonNa come into some money and say he's going to do it on his own but there's a scene here where Russ this is constantly. Trying to kind of nudge ruth to get the money from Mardi somehow and I love all the creative swearing wearing that comes out of roots. Smart Ruth's mouth. Excuse me I won't point. She tells ruth to shut your fuck nugget mouth. She you know what she she of it. It just rolls off her talents like she must sing like she must just talk that way in everyday life it is great so oh yeah a lot of things happen in this episode. It's Kinda Kinda jumps around a lot. Yeah Charlotte. She's working at the blue cat and all the rich tourists are coming up. And and you know this nice right white. Rich boy invites her to go out on the boat to pirate's cove or something like that and and she goes and she just you know comes onto him and loses her virginity there on the I that I thought that was a very odd scene. I think what they're doing is they're trying to show how quickly that the kids lose their morals when they realize their parents have none like they're rebelling. They're just kind of I feel like Charlotte's it's kind of given up like well get Charlotte does say that I think in episode ten where she says you know you made us adults. Yep I don't want to steal steal your episode ten thunder but she said you made us adults the minute you told us what was going on. And I've I've made decisions that you can't even imagine John and I know she's alluding to that Yup so I think that's a very interesting scene when when Charlotte does that yeah Ruth considers. There's killing Mardi okay. She has this whole plan because her dad told her to. That she's going to electrocute him on the dock but it doesn't work and I still after watching touching twice. I still don't know exactly what happened there. Who on rigged it? Why didn't it work? Did she go back. I remember the first time I watched the show. I thought she had second thoughts and went back and did everything she did. I think I remember watching it too. I feel feel like the FBI agents on dinner. Okay I might. I might need to go back and take a look at that again but I remember being confused fused about how that happened. Yeah yeah that's one thing. I still haven't quite figured out. So she goes back in a cruise accuses is Russ of unrelenting. It right Oh is she. She said you're the only one that knew. What the Hell did you do? and He. He said he didn't know anything about it. I don't know Also in this episode Marty and Wendy have punishment I like to refer to it all star to they start to bond on a little bit again and they have a moment and they start to kiss and they have sex and Marty starts to slap her butt and do the exact same position that he has a video of her doing with Gary..

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