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Far. Here's Reto charging this time going the middle of the pitch is good defense there from taco Craig has been the one bright spot defense, and unfortunately, don't really want your defense to need to be shining. But they have been more than equal to Magnus Rasmussen, eastbound bit of spacier inside of the half of New York red bulls. Now distribute left your store saves the fourth outside of the eighteen bucks crosses up, when defender posted takes by Lauro, and it's still loses out of the team before New York hand corral, but city to their credit have looked. They had the one off side chalked off within the first ten minutes of the game. And it was an important call there from the referee. And then city other than that it was baby. Just this last brief passage, where they've looked like actually scoring. Yeah. In a really nice build up there. Again, involving Magnus Rasmussen and George Davis played a really dangerous kind of guy ball across the face of the goal. He had Luke Spencer running on the far post but good goal keeping to buy, Laura to, to get over it just knock it clear because that thing had a goal written all over it. And it is restarted as Craig hang it away. George me like three or four jerseys closing him down. All Napa who heads out to. And he has to come back and play it. And he does to Taylor pay down that right side to their pay not watching it looking for Luke Spencer. The dual is one though by New York and scarlet will go to not it back onto his goalkeeper got hands. If he wants it does Lauro waiting for the oncoming lucky 'cause on areas he picks it up their third minute now is going to be Lauro disturbing out of the back. Sees got any ideas..

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