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Zag in just innovative you watch replays. It's like well here's why Brady Brady threw it away. And it's like door sets wearing his defensive back Nicole Harry's like running out of bounds for some reason Ben Watson. They're not even covering him because he sucks. Is it GonNa go psycho the flip of the outlet pass to James Way. They know that's coming. So where's it going. Eshelman has been a shell for two weeks. He's her he's hard. Yeah it's going to come after the is like a broken collarbone or something. I WANNA be any edleman. Injury wouldn't surprise me. Could you have Danny Amendola dress up Ataman and would anybody notice. People wouldn't figure it out to the second half switch them. How long could amendola he just for like? Hey Dude. Here's here's here's Jewels Jersey. Just you know some shit out of the slot man So I like a Saint Danny woodhead still alive saints pads pads tease. Has Anybody tried to do the Richard Pryor moving twins thing where you just have somebody where somebody else's outfit I always wanted to do with the Morris Morris Brothers because with the Celtics because I always liked marquee for a little bit more. It's a little little more unselfish. What if Markif showed up and lake we we even know? Would they say anything if they did like him a little bit better because his range extends out well and also he doesn't he doesn't hold the buffer nine seconds every time he has it. I hi HOW SAINTS DOWN TO MINUS TWO TITANS PLUS eleven? Why don't I do that? I hate the titans plus eleven. If you're gonNA tease England Tennessee. Bt's New England down to to getting a point because the you just articulated. The entire rationale as to how it is is that the Patriots will have to go to extraordinary lengths to to win the game. They will do all those things and they will win the game. I can't sanction. A tees up to eleven with Tennessee. When you know the defensive game plan is going to be to take away Henry and Dare Ryan Tannehill to beat the New England patriots in New England in a playoff game i? I don't think that that's a recipe for seventeen point patriots. Do you think this patriots shades team could take away Henry honestly. The only thing that Henry is is just going to run straight at you where it's not the quickness of some of the other guys like Nixon's Shiftier Guy. I would say chubs even shiftier guy but the way they have this Henry thing rolling like I'm not. I'M NOT ANTI Henry Henry but I I would imagine the the places that you want to attack New England running the football and the edges a little bit. That's not exactly what Henry does. I'm sticking to my guns. I think this is a three point. Mike Game I think the Patriots can win but I think they. I think it's one of those. Absolutely everything is kitchen sink. It's fake punts. It's double reverse Sousse quarterback. Would you rather have right now at Brady. Okay Tena How scary though Tena has been really good for three months having receivers. Do you take shake from Tennessee before you take one for. The question is if you're doing a skill position. Draft Henry is one and a j Brown's to Aj Brown Aj Bran. No one's really to no one talks about dot. Ag Brown of the Titans fans with you talk about him if he was ruining your fantasy play. Offs sounds like he's but those are way better than anyone the Patriots. If Ataman was healthy I would think Ataman versus Brown is a good argument. But he's not and he's not. I thought Corey Davis was going to be. The numbers were better last year which is shocking considering he had Mariota. Ah We've all had him on our fantasy team. I am teasing this. Here's what we're doing for million dollar picks has some that listening to you. In fact I against it. I feel comfortable because I've known you for thirty years and you lose money every year in the playoffs so I feel great that you hate this. This is great. I'm sorry did I start your feelings. No no it's fine. Lose money in the playoffs. Rethought Arts worried. There was silence. Disagree with me I'm doing million dollar picks. I am up one point. Eight nine five million for the year. Yeah who's going to brag about. That must be nice. It's a lot of. It's not a money not real money it's picks I'm putting five fifty to win. Five hundred on a titans. SAINTS DOWN TO MINUS TO TIGHTENS UP TO PLUS eleven ts. I think the saints went by at least feel and I think the titans that's a close game. It's going to be Harry. It's going to be dramatic. It's GonNa be fucking awesome that the Patriots will win by one point and Kyle will probably have to be carried out of my house. That almost sounds like free money. What's the drug is Steph? Yukos's has ever gotten at your house..

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