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But it doesn't nurture is like that's why I that's why when I came to the show I loved it because it nurtures artists like you have in other things in the you know things like that says Hey you know here's a new artist you know I mean we've we've talked to a lot established artists but here's a new R. that you really need well here and too many people I think use those cities as like a lottery ticket I am describing what happens yeah yeah yeah like you just need to move and and used to inspire self to be better just keep doing what you're doing to do more back on the line exactly so I mean but but but like I said I mean the fact that if you go somewhere and and one of the things that one of the things that I want to do and I I you know I'm happy that I see an artist like you come here to do it that we just keep nurturing these are great artists like you I'm sitting here watching young like I'm watching this guy in about I don't know how long it's gonna take he's not even going to be somebody that can access but I can say Hey I got a picture of his wife we had a picture of of of kind of Kerry being your headphone roadie you know and then on the we're talking with Damon Mitchell you're listening to playtime with filter can we'll be right back right after this CM you also cruel so I'm a cat and I just moved in with this new human and she's got this little toy she's always playing with all day long tap tap tap tap bloop bloop.

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