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Two two seven it's funny to think about but dramatic on the spot concessions his own advisers had urged him against see that's what i love all this is going on because of one man and you know what i say about this do things i watched the entire george stephanopoulos interviewed today and it is about twenty two minutes i think pretty long a watch the whole thing in the people that say that president trump doesn't know what the heck he's talking about he doesn't know anything about international pitas know anything about global issues and leaders and doesn't do his homework i watched him for twenty two minutes george stephanopoulos who obviously as a former clinton employee if you will or spokesperson for the clinton administration would love to nail him and he couldn't nail him he could not nail him and when he talked he mentioned a lot of different things for a lot of different leaders from all different aspects about japan about china about canada about italy etc and he displayed the knowledge that i would like to hear but it's not about displaying the knowledge it's about kicking the crap out of our enemies and winning it's about winning this is about winning and this is a path that may lead us to winning and i'm glad as i mentioned that seoul south korea should say of course the capital silva that they are concerned they are concerned trump said we're stopping the war games we're going to bring our soldiers back home and now they're going holy crap in assault well good for you i'm glad you going holy crap because everybody else is going holy crap from all angles because that's how things get done that are different trump's ratings are actually better than ronald reagan's worth this point in his presidency trump's ratings are actually better than barack hussein obama were at this point in his presidency as well this is what are the bush bush center do all they can do is highlight the north korean human rights abuses after the summit that's what they've been doing you know these are horrible you know and i know and you're right so what is your what is your idea.

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