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We as a fire i i was in college and i know that scientists and we knew that depression affiars building fuel those it was gonna make us pay down the road so a lot of communities have responsibility for making sure people have the right kind of conditions to to deal with these fires and it's not just a k mart like parking lot of a lot of this fire was sped by embers that were blowing through the wind and catching people's eaves and you could just simple things like making sure they're eaves are protected governor brown was blaming climate change some of the climate scientists are playing climate change for these fires in those kind of suggestions are making people not analyze what the real causes of these deadly fires are thank you for that call and let me go to john fiske on this because john fiscus believe you've made some statements about well you did earlier in this program to about the role of climate change but it certainly hearkens back to a jerry hill senator jerry hill from san mateo has said about this being the new norm and that's pretty much what we're hearing from pge let's be very very clear about what starts in causes utility caused wildfires it's not land use it's not development it's not the puc it's not the legislature it's not eve's the thing that causes utility caused wildfire is poor utility management port vegetation management poor policies with regards to high winds.

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