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The scoreboard steven gostkowski is added a field over the patriots late third right now they've got things were on hand against the jets in foxborough twenty four to three in new england win and they up homefield advantage throughout the afc playoffs biking stride to figure out a way to get their bio looking good right now early fourth quarter as they begin at they have a lead of twenty three to seven in minnesota over the chicago bears new york giants at the redskins fifteen to ten is they start the fourth quarter meantime colts hang onto with sixteen to thirteen lead over the texans curly in the fourth by all over the packers they start the fourth quarter in detroit twenty 73 rice butler a touchdown reception cowboys missed the extra point they've got a six nothing lead somebody partly scored in philadelphia after twelve nineteen left to play in philly backed iraqi lost doctor red lost fifty seven to go with a third here's dealers 28 brown's twenty four pittsburgh will start this rivaled it's all twenty three yard all oddly left cash this is the first offense snap for the steelers year in the second half west with three minutes ago trips right single was super leapt jolt back in the shotgun has the snap he looks pressure cutting go short hop as the greeks and ankle tackle and it dives out to about the twenty eight yards wide greed body kowloon we'll get credit for tripping up juju smith schuster yet the give the browns a lot of credit for that last dry not not only did they have the ball as long as they did but they were to held on that play not on that road i even considering the kickoff to those napa jones pressure cutting out so difficult pops up visited complete glass the steelers were protestant up his way into the right and fitzgerald's unsought added it is armed with ability caught a chill schober put a hit on him to sought could not hang ought probably just as well with the steelers who that will face a third down at four for their own twenty nine yeah there were loss yardage there it's a good thing he didn't hold onto them if the fueling the sit at fort third down near for the abbas fbi little the fuel for so long term growth a great point and argued without for those thought like tam hayward was he was right singled out.

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